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I specialize in developing worlds, characters, and stories for motion pictures. Although I enjoy writing screenplays, I also write books, graphic novels, comic books, tabletop gaming supplements, video game scenarios, and other materials related to fiction writing. I’m always writing in an effort to hone my skills. I write both original and speculative works to practice various techniques and formats. You can check out my latest work here or check out my other projects for my full portfolio.

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I just started this Youtube thing

My production company SCIENTIFIC ROMANCE has a youtube channel. We just started this, but we plan on producing an array of videos and series. Currently, I co-host a series called Poorly Greenscreened where we review movies from today and yesterday. We’re learning all the processes of filmmaking on the fly while trying to build stronger and more entertaining videos with each episode. Each episode has a bookend sketch related to the review. I hope you’ll give the series a shot and follow along as we improve.


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