Evidence of the Holy Spirit

Holy-Spirit-Dove-smallI’ve been thinking about and mulling over my next post here. I’m really trying to figure out a direction to take this blog and where I want to start. I still haven’t discovered that road yet, but I wanted to share an incredible experience with you!

This evening I was writing a post on my self indulgent weiner blog. You can just hop on over and read that.

What I wrote, I do feel like that sometimes. I did A LOT when I was younger, but I’ve never experienced that during my, I suppose, renewed vigor in pursuit of understanding Christianity. After I was done writing I was perusing Google images for a picture to put in the post. I clicked on one and hit “view page” to see how it had been used on that particular site.

Without any knowledge of what I was getting myself into, where I was going, or the content of the site, I found this wonderful posting. Click on that and read her wonderful words.

Yeah. A two year old post… about finding clarity… in a wonderful book of the Bible.

That is some serious Holy Spirit guidance right there.

I commented on her page to let her know her writing helped me.

Wow, anyway… praise God! Remember to make Him first in your life and He will surely guide you.