I wanted to write a quick note here to explain a few things I’ve been up to. The site seems to have been neglected but I can assure you it has not. I’m still here, alive and kicking – more so than ever.

The Holy Spirit has been moving within me. As I get closer to the end of my three year long Bible study, of which I’m moving into Hebrews now, my blood seems to be rushing about within me. I can feel the anticipation and need to get out and start preaching the gospel. I’ve been doing a lot of praying and introspection lately on this subject and I feel I’ve been moved to full-time ministry as a calling. In what exact capacity that is in or how it will operate is still in the air.

As part of that I’ve been planning a massive expansion here at His Site. The most obvious sign has been the outward appearance of the site, formalizing the fact that this is now the “HQ” for my online ministry of sorts. Behind the scenes I’ve been working on a few ideas to formalize the structure and format of the site and creating standardization rules for myself to keep things orderly for the future.

The largest piece of the project I’ve been planning is expanding into doing video content. I’ve got numerous projects planned already. However, as one man, the pre-production work, research, and development of these projects is staggering. Combined with my daily one or two hour bible study sessions, my family, an imminent cross country move, and a few other loose things I’m trying to tie up, this project has proven to be immense. I’m already exhausted.

Right now, to cut my teeth, I’m planning a short “documentary” on the Canaanite “deity” Molech. I’m going to use this to get some experience with the video production aspects and develop a format for the future. Consider this the prospective pilot for this new series in my life.

Why Molech? Well, in light of the “pedogate” investigations and the alleged activities going on surrounding that event I wanted to provide information for those who are not Christians. The documentary of sorts will dive into a brief background of Pedogate and its specific connection to Molech, the history of the “deity” known as Molech from before the flood to today, and explain why this revelation is extremely dangerous, not simply just for the countless children, or Christians, but the larger implications of what satanic worship in the highest echelons of our society means for us globally.

I’ll also touch on many related subjects that I’ll be discussing in future videos.

I hope you will stay tuned to whats happening here and partake on this journey with me by keeping me in your prayers. Thank you.