Mandela Effect

As you’ve probably seen my last post was talking about upcoming projects that I wanted to work on. Since writing that I’ve been working full speed ahead to get started. However, after some work my plans changed slightly.

Firstly, I finished my Bible study. An expositional, verse by verse study from Genesis to Revelation in 3.5 years. This has been one of the most rewarding and hardest tasks of my life.

Secondly, as you may remember my initial plan was to create a video on the pagan deity Moloch. I spent weeks researching this topic. I dug though the bible, historical texts, both religious and secular, I’ve dug through nearly five thousand years of history. I’ve made so many discoveries in that process, more than I ever thought possible. I went to places I had no idea I would find myself.

The research I have is over seven pages of one sentence notes, a few paragraphs, and connections. On the last page, the notes got to be so tedious and long that I simply began dropping URLs on to the page to prevent the document from exploding in length. There is probably close to 25 pages of raw, unorganized data I’ve gathered.

When I sat down to begin planning the script and putting this information together into a narrative… I just stalled. I couldn’t frame it to glorify The Father. I was simply spouting out the gospel of the devil. I stopped writing and hung it up or a bit. My intention IS to do the project. The information needs to get out. But, the end result has turned into a one-hour documentary – at least – far from my original fifteen minute planned practice project. I need to find an ending I suppose, how to “bring it around town” for the glory of YHVH.

Once I put that down I dug around for a new project to feature, something that would make a shorter video. After some tweeting by a media personality I follow on twitter, the idea for the Mandela Effect struck me as a semi important topic facing uneducated Christians today. The topic took some research and I focused in on a single verse. The objective to glorify The Lord was immediately clear. I wrote the script in a couple of days, it was four full pages. Everything seemed to click into place with this one.

As soon as I could, I set out to build a seat of your pants production studio. I spent an additional $100.00 on production equipment including 3-point lights, cloth for a back drop, tripod, cables, adapters, sound accessories, and building my own teleprompter. I tried to utilize as much equipment as I already had on hand, which included the iPhone 7 Plus for filming, a semi-professional grade microphone I already had purchased long ago for another project, an iPad Air for the teleprompter, and some various cords, accessories, and other small items to assist in production.

I wanted the maximum amount of quality for the lowest amount of money I could spend. In this case I got 4K30 shooting ability with good lighting and decent audio. I wanted to find out if the project would come together and, most of all, find out if I was comfortable enough with myself on camera… because I hate myself mostly.

I think it turned out alright. Producing the video, regardless if I posted it or not gave my so much experience using a teleprompter, lighting a scene, and editing a video. The only additional item I’ll probably purchase immediately is a back drop stand. The back drop was an immense pain in the butt.

So… the finished video “premiered” today on the internet. I’m expecting zero results on it, this was just something to test the water with it. To put together a project start to finish and ready myself for larger projects down the road. I hope you all enjoy the video, you can find it on the front page as of April 28th, 2017. I’ll keep it there until I make a new one, after which I’ll figure out an archiving system to keep them all in. The video is available on my Youtube channel and my Minds channel. I’ll be uploading a 1080p version to Vidme in the following days to test out each platform.

If you have a suggestion for a new video, feedback, or advice on this video, please don’t hesitate to contact me.