A Little Late – An Update

I know I’m a little late with the weekly article.

I’ve been writing about a topic that I’ve been having trouble putting words to. The concept is a bit abstract and trying to frame it properly has been difficult. I’m still working on it and I plan to release the piece on my normal Monday publication day. This “concept” will help frame a few of my upcoming articles.

I’ve also been struggling with some low key anxiety issues. I’m not entirely sure why. At night I get very hyped up and I can feel the areas around my heart “vibrating” which then goes throughout my body. This makes it difficult to sleep, so there is another problem with my sleep schedule. I’ve talked to a doctor and I apparently have anxiety issues, but I don’t know what could be causing it psychologically. Probably just the constant duress here at home from things out of my control.

This is just a quick update for everyone, so nothing substantial right now.

Stay tuned and check back Monday around 11:00am EST for the next post. That will be my “regular” posting time now.

I hope.