Just A Small Update

I’ve got some regularly scheduled content I’m preparing, but I’m making a few changes to things. Both on this here internet and in my life.

Starting today I’ve ended my other website devoted to my screenwriting. I signaled my host to end the site, so that should come down this week. For the foreseeable future, this will be my only website.


As we come down to what I feel is the end of things as they are in the current status quo, I feel that my fiction writing goals aren’t particularly relevant. This pains me a bit as the project I attempted to complete there was an incredible milestone in my life. I finished eight screenwriting projects over the course of two years, several with massive supplementary materials including show bibles and concept books. The real dream of the site in my head was that visitors would read my writings and give me feedback to grow my craft. But, the traffic never came in the waves I had hoped. No one really provided the criticism I was desperately seeking as an artist.

Time and Effort

When I decided to restart this website I thought about these two sites competing with one another for my time. I naively believed that the topics I would write here on Vagrant Writer would only require a modicum of time and effort, but that’s proved to be untrue. My last article on Collective Christian Subconscious would like to talk. As my interest in what I’ll broadly call “Christian” topics expanded and began to take over, the work I was doing on Scientific Romance dwindled more and more. My interest began to die.

Simply put, I just don’t find it as important or impactful as I once did.

Changing Goals

With us now being in what I feel is the eleventh hour, I believe it’s monumentally important to help others “find” or “get right” with Jesus as they say. This is the real work I need and want to be focused on. This site doesn’t get much traffic either, but I think reaching the handful I do is probably of greater importance than writing some go nowhere screenplays. However, it is currently 12:38AM on a Sunday night as I write this and, if you are familiar with my battle with motivation, my feelings may change on the matter as soon as I wake up the morning this publishes.

What Now?

With this being my only website now, I want to spend some time exploring how to expand my reach. I’m not good with modern internet-ing and social media clout, though [This is a critical failure for my other site too]. Because of that, my fantasies for this website may never be quenched. I feel compelled to do some work on the site, but I’m not sure it really needs anything. The site is pleasantly serviceable and simple. I like that. A lot. I might do some backend improvements to help with the “SEO” as the people who want to sell me something on the internet tell me I need to do, but I’m not sure. I’ll need to think on all of that, get a game plan together.

Will It Matter?

Because of social media, particularly short form social media options like TikTok, blog posting is virtually irrelevant. This makes it incredibly difficult to talk with someone about these topics. Everything has to be an instantly digestible meme to be viewed by anyone under the age of thirty-five. My Generation X is showing. I think about how much impact this blog can even have on others and unfortunately it won’t be much.

I constantly think about going to YouTube again, but I don’t know. That’s an entirely different amount of commitment and I’m not sure I have it in me anymore. I’ve bought and returned all the equipment for producing videos several times over now. I’m kind of over it. I’ve always felt writing was one of my strong suits, so if I can’t reach people like this, I’m at a total loss with what God wants me to do with my flagging life.

In the meantime, I’ll pray on it and continue to write my silly articles about the topics that interest me. I’ll continue to work on improving myself in mind, body, and spirit for the days ahead.

If you have any ideas, I’d love to hear what you have to say.