The (now late) Update

Work on Kenobi continued this past week. The script is hovering around 120 pages after a round of revisions, expanding and adding some scenes. I gave it to my son to read and I’m going to put my “top men” on the review of the script as well. I thought I would have that all done this week, but I gave a lot of thought to the script and focused on what my goals were with writing this, watched a few things to tie up loose ends, and thought a lot about people’s expectations and hopes for a film like this.

Late May 18th Update:

I’ve been writing this post since the 17th and a few things have changed.

  • After my son turned in his notes today. As a result I made another round of revisions. I’ll be adding a new introduction and changing two scenes to match the themes of the story better.
  • The Kenobi portfolio page is complete and in a new format that I really love. I think it will get people excited. BE EXCITED!
  • As part of my commitment to “special features” for my screenplays I’m going to develop a little “Art of Kenobi” booklet featuring people in the Star Wars community whose art inspired me as I wrote the script and delve into a few background elements that might interest people.
  • As for “thinking about people’s expectations and hopes for a film like this,” I’ve chopped this post down to the above sections and removed a two page essay in response to that statement. That essay probably belongs as part of the commentary for the screenplay. So, all my hard work has been removed for a later date. Sorry.

But, now my title joke doesn’t work. Balls.

So final plays for the week:

  • Go to bed after posting this. – Right Now
  • Write new introduction, revise scenes, and complete work on the Kenobi screenplay. – Tuesday
  • Give screenplay to “top men” to read for review. – Wednesday
  • While waiting for return of screenplay from top men, begin work on art booklet. – Wednesday through Saturday
  • Make final revisions and hopefully publish by this time next week on the brand spanking new portfolio page. – Sunday through tuesday
  • Horrifically Flog the person who still has Awaken. – Vengeance has no timetable.
  • Move onto Mutant Chronicles on June 1st.

With that I will bid you adieu.

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