My name is Paul Pratt. This site is my “ministry.”

I have believed in The Father for as long as I can remember. I learned of Jesus and accepted Him as my savior at some point in middle school. However, I don’t really consider that a well informed choice. I went on my way with a loose idea of “Christianity,” mainly talking out of my rear about related subjects I truly knew nothing about. Subjects I couldn’t understand the implications of.

When I turned thirty-three (I know, weird) I undertook a serious, methodical study of the Bible and came to many realizations in the initial steps of that journey. I saw how far I really was from the truth. I rededicated myself to Jesus Christ and committed to a serious salvation.

I’m an average man, a husband and a father, now forty. I consider myself an artist and a writer by trade. I also enjoy painting war gaming miniatures, history, and film. I’ve been to college. I use the Oxford comma.

This site is dedicated to my personal pursuit of the Lord. I try to focus on the things I encounter in my day-to-day studies and in my daily life that I think might help others in their spiritual walk.

I have other sites that deal with my worldly interests and hobbies.

Statement of Faith

The Bible is the Word of God himself, the original writings being inerrant. The Bible is one book completed by both the Old and New Testaments (Covenants). They cannot be separated.

Jesus Christ, the living God, His will made incarnate on Earth, entered His own creation as a man to be crucified for our sins according to the scriptures (Old Testament), died, was buried, and resurrected after three days according to the scriptures (Old Testament). In exchange for this sacrifice, death and the forces of evil were defeated. His righteousness was imputed on me by God’s limitless grace and mercy through His sacrifice. His shed, innocent blood purchased my life and gave me the opportunity for everlasting life by accepting His gift.

Jesus Christ, after his ascension, now a man, still marked for my sins, sits on His Father’s throne and makes intercession for us to The Father. He will snatch away the believers before the Great Tribulation and will return again, answering the prayers of the Jewish people, in His full glory as the savior of the Jewish nation, after which he will reign over the Earth for 1000 years.

Style of This Site

  • This site is about seeking the face of the one we so casually call “God.” I will try to refer to Him as The Father in my writings. If I use the term God, I am referring to the one, the only, living God, the God of Abraham, Issac, Jacob, and Joseph. Please don’t mistake that.
  • I’m not a member of any denominational church. I follow “The Way” to The Father through the shed blood of His Son, the Messiah of mankind, Jesus as is translated from Greek.
  • I’m in The Father’s word everyday. I find the pursuit of His Truth, The Truth, the most important task in my life.
  • I can’t promise that I will write everyday, but as inspiration strikes, as the Spirit moves me, I will try and post something. I want to eventually write regularly on a number of topics to help others and hopefully field questions as I can.
  • I have an “orthodox” or conservative view the Bible. I take the Bible seriously, meaning I believe that The Father means what he says. The Torah was given to Moses letter by letter, so his message is probably important.
  • By extension, the Bible is not allegorical, although it does use figures of speech.

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Mustard Plants – Petr Pakandl – Own work – Via Simple English Wikipedia
Sea of Galilee near Tabgha – Berthed Werner – Own work – Via Wikipedia Commons

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