I’m Paul Pratt.

I’m an independent writer, artist, filmmaker, and designer.

I’m an average enjoyer of being creative, but storytelling is my passion. I specialize in developing stories that delve into the human condition, explore the depths of our emotions, and challenge our perceptions. I love writing complex characters and grand plot arcs — all steeped in the immersive wonder of speculative fiction.


In today’s entertainment, corporate dogma and orthodoxy have diluted the power of storytelling, turning narratives into vehicles for preaching and propaganda. These corporate stories prioritize agendas, resulting in ramshackle storytelling that fails to satisfy. As a result there are three values I uphold:


Characters Always

Improve Endlessly

Every decision I make serves the story, ensuring it remains coherent, engaging, and authentic to its core themes.

Complex, well-developed characters should move us because we have witnessed their growth, watched them endure hardship, and seen them overcome defeat.

I am dedicated to continual growth and learning, embracing feedback and seeking knowledge to refine my storytelling ability.

You are crucial to success.

I don’t want to do this alone. I need you. I’m inviting you to join me in creating something new that honors what we love without becoming enslaved to our nostalgia. If you want to support my work, please sign up with your email here on my site and follow my social media accounts below to get all the latest updates. I invite you to browse my portfolio, share it with others, and provide feedback.


I’ve been writing for over twenty years but prioritized my family over a career. Now that my child is an adult, it’s time to pursue my “dream.” I have a degree in Creative Writing (for what that may be worth).

I’m working on my first commercial project, “The Retainer,” a novel set in a dystopian alternate Earth with a retro cyberpunk flair. The story follows Aeron, a boy from the slums who is transformed under a ruthless CEO’s guidance and forged into a lethal weapon.

The book is scheduled for release in Q1 2025.

The future is independent creators.