I’m writing my Codex this week, happy as a clam, and then Games Workshop drops the new “infringement terms” on the entire community and boofs us all. So, now I’m infringing and it kind of brought me to a partial standstill. I’m still trying to figure it out, so is everyone else. RIP the hobby. I can’t use any “official images” so now my Adobe Illustrator is tingling.

Time Spent

My wife had this entire week off while trying to burn off all the time of she accumulated from Covid. I spent time with her, so I didn’t get much done. I did manage to get a few more unit profiles written and started outlining some rules.


A lot of my book relied on my space marines utilizing humans as a critical part of their infrastructure. I had a couple of flavorful units the book to give the chapter some unique flare. I thought it was cool. They are a fleet based chapter. Chapter’s have defense forces. However, I remembered that because of some arbitrary rule Space Marines can’t utilize humans for offensive combat units, only for defense. To be honest it only affects one unit and one vehicle, but they were super cool, so that changed with the codex. I had to go back through the story and strip out those elements.

They are more or less a standard chapter now, [which aren’t they all now] but I tried injecting a bit of flavor into their other units. I may try to rejigger the human force to make them viable, just explicitly NOT used for combat. Perhaps, eventually, the mortals get pulled into the mix, creating some tensions in later books with the authorities.


The Codex is going to be a narrative affair, not a book that’s aimed at tournament minded players. Obviously. The book disregards the inevitable rise of Primaris in the future as well and the changes that result of that may not sit right with people. We will see.

Ok fam, that’s all from me this week. I desperately want to get this done and move onto Mutant Chronicles at this point. I’m ready to end Phase 2.

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