Greetings gentle viewers! Let’s get right into the update.

Kenobi is done (Again)!

Kenobi has been fully revised and reposted to the site. The final scene was added and after two further revisions of that, plus an added line of dialog to refer back to that scene later, I’m done. I’m really proud of this screenplay. I know a lot of work went into the Disney+ Kenobi series, I’m going to say mine is better and more respectful of the franchise as a whole. I respect the efforts of the team that made the show, I know it’s hard, but there is evidence that key players involved didn’t know or didn’t care what was happening and that’s very unfortunate. If you know me, I’m not the type of guy to sniff my own farts very often, but I really like my version of Kenobi: A Star Wars Story and I truly think you will too. If you have an afternoon, give it a try and let me know what you thought.

What’s next?

Awaken. I’m going to read through Awaken from cover to cover and I’m going to revise it and finish it as I pointed out previously. I’ll start that process tomorrow.

The Lamenters Codex got a few more updates and I’m chipping away at that as I can. I’ll need to really spend some time finishing up the rules to round it out, however. In the unit profiles, since I don’t have a lot of original art, there is a lot of blank space. I’ve taken a few images I liked and set them in the book to see if I like them as examples, but it’s really difficult to make images in general work in the format I’ve chosen. I may rethink my border. I didn’t want to completely steal the layout of the Games Workshop books, but, admittedly, they have a good formula. We’ll see how that goes.

How About the Site?

Yeah, I got some site stuff done too. I added the excerpts into the posts. I have to go back into every previous post and re-add the excerpts, so that’s a chore, but this post has the first of the new excerpts already added. From here on out the summaries on the main Notes page will be more concise than just the rando blurbs that have been generated.

I also wracked my brain about the author box for a few hours, but I can’t find anything outside a few options that don’t help me. My main contention is with the author name. It’s a header that has a dual line separator next to the name. I tried to see if the options were in the header, but I can’t track it down. The global settings for headers makes no mention of separators. I’ll have to keep looking and researching.

I’m going to redo the Able Squad portfolio page when I go to post the second part of the pilot. They will be updated together. When the second half of the pilot goes live in the next few weeks there will be a big to do on the front page letting you know the project is finished since it is, technically, a new work in the portfolio.

I think that’s about it, folks. I’ll see you all next week. Hopefully with more good news.

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