Ask a Question

Believers and nonbelievers alike have questions about what it means to be a Christian. Sometimes these answers are not found or even discussed in a church, nor can a concise or satisfactory answer be found online. Even if found online, information can be misleading or denominational bias can skew the truth.

The Bible is an intimidating document to try and dig into. Unless you are educated in its format and structure and understand its Jewish traditions, finding answers within can be a daunting task. I invite you to ask me your questions and I will do my best to answer them honestly. I make it my goal to never feed you trite sayings such as “The Lord has a plan for us all” or “The Lord works in mysterious way.” I will also work to help guide you in your journey to find the answers for yourself.

I can even do something easy like pray for you.

If you are feeling the pull of the Holy Spirit and are seeking the way to Jesus Christ, please contact me.