Somehow, within the last week, my interest in Warhammer has decided to show up again and camp right in my brainpan. Because of that the plan has changed.

What Happened?

I hit a big snag with Mutant Chronicles and I need to work that snag out before I progress. Unfortunately, it’s a lynchpin type of thing and I can’t progress without sorting the issue out. I can’t even go onto another scene. Even if I wanted to, I’m having difficulty letting go of that particular moment because, to me, it’s a critical piece of story. I’ve got to work it out. I’m devoting about 23% of my hamster wheel engine to deciphering the problem. In the meantime I have to figure out something else to do to stay “productive.”

What Now?

Probably one of the main causes for the stall is that my interest in Warhammer has come back again and curb stomped me with it’s awesome. I think the Mutant Chronicles story getting tripped up allowed my mind to wander back into the harlot’s den of meaty space marine bois.

Remember that Lamenter’s Codex I cancelled in Phase I so long ago? Me either. Well, it showed back up at my place looking to reconcile and I’m tired of paying child support, so we worked out our differences and I’m going to fulfill my obligations as the child’s father and make an honest woman out of her. So, I’m going to finish Codex: Lamenters. This book isn’t going to be the bombastic tome I originally envisioned. I’m going to complete all the copy for the book, fill it with what essentially amounts to clip art and related GW artwork. I might come back later and redo a second version that has all the bells and whistles.

I suspect this will take about two weeks. It’s just the book for right now, no other supplemental materials.

I also don’t know how to list the project. I might create a “other projects” area on the slate and load stuff like this up in there? Who knows.

I guess this makes me a “writer” now and not just a screenwriter?

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