“Mostly?” I hear you screeching already.

The script is done. I have written four five different endings and all I have to do is insert one based on how I feel at the time. The script came out to be 160 pages minus my selected ending. Now I have a two and a half hour dramatic epic. Good lord. I guess tomorrow begins the revision process.

I don’t know if my “top men” will look at it again or not considering that monkey usually doesn’t dance to the organ grinder more than once. I’m largely on my own from here on out. I would turn to more nefarious characters but I don’t think anyone has the time for my bullshit, really.

“What’s the plan?” you say.

Revise the remainder of week.

Add my changes in by the end of the weekend.

Publish next week.

Pick Kenobi back up by that Saturday.

See you on the other side, Mom.

UPDATE: 7 April 2021

I don’t know why but my entire script wasn’t set to Final Draft Courier. With that change it dropped my script down to 154 pages. We’ll probably top out at 160 pages, maybe less when the ending goes in.

On a weird note I tried Courier Prime and the script jumped to 193 pages. Dayum, son. Needless to say that didn’t last.

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