Awaken is (Still) (Mostly) Complete

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Awaken is still, mostly complete. That doesn’t sound like a large update considering I said the same thing last week, but it took a lot of work to get us to today.

After last weeks post I ran through the script from end to end doing one final round of revisions. I spent a lot of time trying to cut down on superfluous descriptions and actions in the screenplay, but more dialog and story refinements kept getting added back in. At several points I was several pages behind my final count, then I was several pages ahead. After the tug of war the script landed at one hundred and fifty-six pages.

Despite that ordeal, I’m on schedule according to the plan I laid out last week. I got all the additions to the script added in at 2:30AM this morning (11 April).

From last episode:

Revise the remainder of week. – CHECK

Add my changes in by the end of the weekend. – CHECK

Publish next week. – PROBABLY

Pick Kenobi back up by that Saturday. – WILL DO

However, I still haven’t picked an ending, but I did narrow it down to a final three from the original five. I removed the ambiguous ending and the most tragic ending… well, that could be argued I suppose. There is an ending that I think is pretty damn tragic, and it’s probably one of two favorites in the focus groups. Once I choose an ending the script will probably end at 160 pages total.

Lastly, this week I also spent some time constructing the Awaken portfolio page. I think I’m going to go through and update all of them to match the main site. I might mess with that some more after I post this and probably go to bed.

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