It’s been a while. You’re looking good. Did you lose some weight?

I’ve been a busy little beaver in many ways over the last few years, but you’ve heard me say all this before. The biggest is that I’ll finish my college degree in October.

Yes, I have been in college off and on for fifteen years now. Thanks for bringing that up.

Of course, that’s cool, but I’m not sure it even matters. I made discoveries and found answers to questions I’ve had for a long time. In that regard, it’s been great. The experience and impact it has had on me has been good, but is the degree worth it? Maybe not? Maybe so? If I get anything out of the journey, it is worth taking. I’m tired of focusing on outcomes that never materialize.

Welcome back if you’ve been checking in and stumbled across this new entry. You might notice I’ve done some spring cleaning. The website has some tighter graphics and some tweaks to the layout. I’m still working on headers. I have an idea of what I want, but it will take me a hot minute to get it done. But the concept for the headers is incredible.

So, going forward, there will be some new things and some old things.

The Old


That’s not going to change. I write. It’s in the title.

The weekly blog is back

Aside from the regular production of content, I simply miss it. But I liked using this blog to keep myself accountable. It worked well during COVID, and I want to bring back the magic. There will be project updates, offering the old insights into my excitement, troubles, processes, and learning that I’ve experienced in creating these stories.

I want to continue the tradition of the blog being a window into my creative life. I hope that will become refined and more meaningful, too. I’ve shared elements of my life in those posts, and it’s cathartic in a way, but I hope to make it about my journey as a creative guy, and hopefully, that becomes of value to someone in TV land.

Of course, there will be animated GIFs for the headers. Aren’t you sweet to remember the good times we had together? I even set the images up to self-place when creating a new post. It’s not a big deal; I was just doing everything manually before. I’m looking at many more little things like that to remove the tedium. Tedium is an obstacle to progress.

The New


Like I said above, we be writin’. The new part? I’m only doing original work. I’ve run the course of the speculative exercises. Everything I produce now is my original work. The second part is that at the beginning of next year, you will be able to buy my work. I don’t know when, but my first novel will be available to purchase sometime early next year. Every project I make now will be commercial. As I said, the first project is a novel, but I have several other things in the hopper, as you can see from the portfolio page. My ultimate goal is to work towards producing a feature film I will direct. I will take baby steps by creating and publishing smaller works until I turn enough profit to make said film. After that? We’ll cross that bridge if and when we come to it.

Project documentation

The specific documentation of the development of these solo projects will likely happen here, but I’ll be producing more broad and concerted efforts for Scientific Romance that focus less on me and more on specific depths of the creative process for each original project.


Yes, that old chestnut. You’ve been hearing it for years. I now own a small production company with five figures worth of production equipment due to that chestnut. I have to find ways to justify all that, so now is as good a time to start producing videos. These videos will focus on storytelling itself. We’ll examine stories across all forms of media and talk about the good and the bad. Over time, we can identify techniques and delve deep into the craft, but for now, it will be a way to look at storytelling critically for improvement. Who doesn’t like a good round of internet complaining, though?

The newsletter

As part of this new push towards accountability, I will reach towards the oldest internet marketing trick, the newsletter. I plan to publish a monthly round-up of all my posts, videos, and whatever else I did that month and push it out to subscribers via the newsletter. That way, people can stay in the loop. But, if I say, “me-sa gonna have a story done on dis day.” Then I’ve made a commitment, and I’ll stick to it. I’m self-motivating, as you saw when I was busting out a feature-length screenplay every three months a while ago, but I have enjoyed the stringent deadlines imposed on me by the college. I hope to get here on my typee-type and make good on that promise. If not, you can scold me and walk me naked through the town, yelling “shame, shame” while ringing a little bell. Virtually anyway. This will arrive in the next week or so. I’m still working out tech stuff, but please sign up.

Social media

I will stop being a boomer and figure out the secret sauce to this social media thing. Generally, I post stuff from my personal life on Instagram on rare occasions, but I want to turn it towards projects or story-related topics, too. I might recommend more movies or books there and continue to share tidbits of my life there, too. X is thunder dome. Right now, I just like people’s funny and offensive stuff. Because I’m a teenage edge lord. Occasionally, I talk about stories or Christian topics. None of it goes well. I must figure out how to make it go well without becoming a repetitive bullhorn.

Past Projects

I’m working on it now, but every project on the site will get reworked. I will review every completed script, rewrite if necessary, and tighten up all my work. I will produce sample pages for download but only some of the script. People screwed that up already. I will develop a conceptual book for every project and make each project a pitch. There will be an accompanying video for it where I will practice my pitches. If I make any more video content about that project, I’ll post it there.

If you don’t know, check out my company website, www.scientificromance.net. It’s a completely revamped website. Again, we’ll have a lot of time to talk about all that, so I’ll just let you have a look around right now.

That’s the news I have for you right now. So, go buck nutty.

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