As you know I’ve been having problems with my wife. You can read my post entitled Selfishness and Joy to get some of the general idea of where we’ve been. Things have been turbulent over the last few weeks, but things have been improving very much. As I mentioned in the other article my wife … More Forgiveness

Selfishness and Joy

Selfishness Right now I’m going through an extremely painful time in my life, but specifically in my marriage. This might actually be the worst pain I’ve ever been through. I’ve gone through some tough times, but everything I have is on the line right now, my wife, my best friend, my family, my son. I question … More Selfishness and Joy

All truths, but no Truth

Before I began a serious pursuit of Biblical study I had become familiar with the basics of the Bible over the years through friends, family, and, primarily, the media. Armed with this loose “knowledge,” I would read articles, commentaries, and opinions and I would watch videos related to all things “biblical.” I believed I had a grasp … More All truths, but no Truth