Two weeks have gone by. What happened, boss?

My wife got into a car accident that left her vehicle being declared a total loss. Luckily, she is ok. However, the true misery didn’t begin until we had to look for another vehicle. This was, by far, the most miserable experience I’ve ever had purchasing a car. I’m not even going to get into it because I’m going to have ‘Nam flashbacks.

Codex Time

The damn thing is “done.” I’m going to give it to my top men, of course and let them read over it. They can check and see if I made any glaring offenses. There are always minor mistakes.

I put “done” in quotes because I had to reformat the codex again.

I’m going to capitulate to the phantom legal arm of Games Workshop aka “WaRHAmMer StUDioZ (because motion pictures, licensing, and merchandising go brrrr, and my ass isn’t bloodied enough from buying incredibly overpriced model kits).

So, what are you getting? A wonderful PDF document with all the lore in in it. One hundred and eleven pages of lore. There are a handful of pictures in there for the organizational stuff because its a contextual reference. Outside of that all the imagery has been removed. I’ve decided to omit the rules from the book for the time being. I have an unedited full rules set and an edited rules set which is essentially just reference look ups to other codices. I’ll publish the latter as a separate document once I’m 100% sure I’ve stripped out any “full rules.” It doesn’t even matter, really. All of this is so damn stupid.

I’ve got a multi-page rant on that coming soon too.

The Future

I’ve got a new document laid out in Adobe Indesign that is 100% codex. This version is just as a good as a Games Workshop codex, except that I need to create original art for it. I’ll be working on that piece by piece over some months in the background and I’ll keep you appraised of its status from time to time, maybe show some snippets as it comes together. I’ll add all the reference sheet rules to the book once it’s done. I’m working on some minis so I’ll have some to post in the book. All of this should sync up nicely in a few months time and come together by next year if the Biden Wars don’t start up.

Within the week I’ll have the portfolio page up and have the lore document slapped in there. As usual, it will be a PDF document. I’m sincerely sorry we have to endure this nonsense.

After that I’ll continue work on Mutant Chronicles. Maybe I’ll get on my way to completing Phase 2 by the end of the year? I might shake up phase 3 and do something sweeping and original depending on how things go. This Games Workshop copyright nonsense has me up in arms and I think the only way to fight it is by doing something about it.

But, we might all be dead in a few months, so whatever.

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