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The Lamenters Codex has divided itself into three sections: Lore, Unit Profiles, and Rules. Although the book is separated like this broadly, I’ve just done this for my own organizational needs. The Lore section will be completed by the time this post goes up. I’ve written almost all the copy for the unit profiles. However, the rules are going to be a bit wonky.

Rules are for fools

This Codex was originally developed to fit in the with 8th edition game. The codices were larger, more well rounded and fleshed out affairs. They included lore, unit profiles, and rules for everything the army could use. The ninth edition codices are, well, garbage. Since I play Lamenters I purchased “Codex: Supplement: Blood Angels” to use as a reference. The codex is empty. Games Workshop ripped about seventy-five percent of the lore out of the book, because who needs to know why you want to play that army, right? Then, they removed all the units that the blood angels share with other space marine chapters. This reduces the unit profiles and rules to only unique units such as the Sanguinary Guard. Games Workshop has gone full potato.

The Lore in Codex Lamenters is roughly fifty pages, the unit profiles are roughly forty pages, and rules are about sixty pages. I left room for the bloated, nonsensical ballyhoo sections of stratagems and relics and the like, but I don’t know what the final tally will be on all that. One hundred and fifty pages thus far. I’m not a math or gaming whiz, so I don’t even know if my rules will work properly. I might just look at other rules and change the flavor text to make them make sense for the chapter, or slightly manipulate a handful of things, but I’m not going way out there for the rules. I might see if someone on a forum wants to help me shape those up.

Ninth Edition go BRRRRRR

The bad thing is that my version of the Lamenters are made unique by their inclusion of Auxilia (normal humans fighting alongside their space marine cousins) forces within their chapter’s organization. Think Tyrant’s Legion if you are familiar with the Badab War books form Forge World. This means that there are about ten to twelve imperial guard profiles that go inside the codex. If I were to follow the ninth edition logic that means, just in order to play the Lamenters, you would need: Warhammer 40,000 Rulebook, Codex: Space Marines, Codex Supplement: Blood Angels, Codex: Astra Militarum, and Codex (Now supplement) Lamenters. A total of five books just for a player to get involved in the game. What the ever living hell?

Since I have written unique profiles for all the units originally included in the previous version of the codex made for 8th I’m probably going to include everything.

Where do we go from here?

I’m going to be working on the unit profiles this week. I already built up two of the character profiles to get an idea of the layout for them. I had to cobble together custom images for their signature weapons, and I still don’t have any imagery that could represent the characters themselves. Things like that will probably have to wait until I can get the book out and make further revisions to it.

I also spent time building up a single datasheet profile to get an idea of how I was going to lay those out too, so things should progress much faster now.

All in all that’s what I did this week. I suppose I’ll see everyone here next week where I’ll, hopefully, be much further along than I am now.

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