This is an early update for all the good people of Earth that might be on the edge of their seats thinking about what’s going on with the Awaken Screenplay.


This past week I read through the entire script and made some minor revisions, mostly in dialog. After this, I went in and laid out some character traits and “themes” to layer in that make sense. As of today I’ve locked in the first forty pages of the screenplay. I will continue in this way, locking in more pages as I go until I get to the end of the script.

Page Count

As for page count I’ve decided not to worry about it. I’m going to blaze through this and write it to my satisfaction. If this film were to get produced I think the dialog exchanges would be incredibly fast paced and I could cut out the weaker scenes after they were filmed. There wouldn’t be much impact on the budget for those scenes since there are only a handful of locations. Since none of that is going to happen, though, this can be whatever I want to to be. I win. Suck it jaded Hollywood script readers.


Awaken is full steam ahead until I finish the screenplay to my satisfaction. That leaves Kenobi sidelined as a result, but, if you remember last week’s post, I finished off thirty pages and I have the rest ready to go. The script is just waiting and should go relatively quickly once Awaken is done. I plan on going right back into it and completing a vomit draft within weeks of Awaken’s completion.


The goal I’m aiming for is completing Awaken by the Sunday the eleventh of April. I’m going to stick to it. After that, I’ll take a few days to prepare it for publishing and get the final bits of it’s dedicated section on the website completed. Then, I’m looking for Kenobi’s initial draft to be done by the end of April.

I hope you enjoyed this update. I’ll see you when Awaken is complete.

Update 4 April 2021

I went through the entirety of the script. I made a new document that outlines every scene, it’s location, what’s happening, and the conflict elements and how they relate to the next scene or later scenes. This helped me to follow the threads I was setting up and allow them to run their course. This brought me to a natural ending that I both like and feel makes sense for what happens. I’m going to write it out tonight. I’ll keep you posted, Mom.

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