Housebands and Phase I Are Complete

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Hey Mom. Housebands has been posted on its portfolio page, so you can check that out. The series bible is currently being worked on, so that will be published early next week, putting an end to Phase I officially.

Which is actually incredible. When I set out to do this, I just wanted to get my stupid Star Trek script completed, but here I am, now four completed scripts, three pitch bibles (these take FOR-EVER), and two full length writer’s bibles completed. That’s a lot of work output for me in such a short period of time. I know a lot of these have been rehashes , but they all became ground up rewrites, with the exception of The Last Day, but even that needed some clean up. Seeing my white board barren is a chilling experience. I’ve been writing almost non-stop since April of 2020. This thing is 6’x4′. I’ve even considered getting another one because of how much writing I’ve been up to. There are so many things to track and I use it daily.

So, what’s the next thing I’m doing? I’m going to move onto Phase II of course! The next item I’m working on is the feature film “Awaken.” This was the first thing I ever wrote by myself. Way back in the year two thousand. The original script was awful, but had some charm to it. So, this will be a complete re-work from the ground up. Again. The good thing is that there is no bible to write for the feature, so we can move right into the next project.

If you’ve looked at my slate you’ll notice I have an Obi-Wan Kenobi movie I plan to write after that. I want to get to that hopefully before the Disney Plus series completes, so I’m anxious to get started on this Phase. I sincerely don’t believe Obi-wans story necessitates a series and I think an old fashioned film would do this unnecessary story justice. Everything about Obi-Wans time on Tatooine was summed up in Rebels. The only person that matters coming after Kenobi was handled perfectly in those few minutes. If that didn’t happen, sure, you’ve got a script, but this will take some finesse. We will see.

After, I’ll move onto Mutant Chronicles, a television series based on a pen and paper RPG I enjoyed as a child. Somewhere in the world my friend from junior high are rolling their eyes. There was a terrible movie made where the producers and the actual rights owners completely miss the point of their property. I’ll give credit to Simon Hunter though, I believe he had a vision, and then they handed him the script which had been in development hell for years and told him he had to salvage it. Needless to say I won’t be doing anything remotely close to what everyone has been thinking is necessary to get the franchise off the ground.

To conclude Phase II I’ll be writing another feature I originally conceived with the intention to sell, entitled “One Night With Michelle.” This one is going to require a bit of work, but the introduction I wrote that gets the film rolling blew me away when I read over it. The scene was well beyond my skill of writing at the time. My goal for the script is to write it to the point I no longer want to part with it. I say that because my original “life goal” was to become a filmmaker. Director, writer, producer. I wanted it all. So, I write with the intention of directing my own work. I want to love this script. There is another script in Phase III called “Quarter Life” that’s in the same wheelhouse, written to sell, desiring to be loved. I want these films to pop more than they did when I first developed the ideas.

Each of these projects I’m going to give myself a month deadline. That seems slim, I know, but I’ve done a lot of the leg work already. None of these are brand new ideas for me. They’ve been developed and outlined for years. I just need to get in there, inject some fresh ideas into them, organize their parts, and simply vomit out a draft. I think Awaken will go swiftly. Obi-Wan has already been written as a treatment and that should go relatively fast too. It doesn’t need to be a masterpiece, the bar is so damn low for Star Wars now anyway. I could just put the script for Return of the Jedi behind a new cover and people would clap like seals. I better not say that, my film could end up being trash. Mutant Chronicles is about twenty-five percent done already, but will need a full writer’s bible and pitch bible, those always take the longest, so probably two months on that project. One Night with Michelle is another month, maybe another few weeks after to tighten everything up. So, August this might all be done? I said that last year too and it took until January. But, truthfully, I wallowed around in Able Squad for far too long. I’m hoping these four new projects don’t end up in some crazy hole I can’t dig myself out of for months.

I think that’s it for now.

Thanks for following along if you are out there in TV land somewhere.

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