In my infinite wisdom while thinking about a Games Workshop Trademark crackdown, I bought an art tablet. Thinking I would just make some art for the code over some time.

I spent two days screwing around with it. Note, I haven’t drawn in several years and this is the first time I’ve ever used a digital tablet. I only spent time concentrating on the helmet really. Everything else was finished in haste to simply get the piece done so I could move on with my life.

This was the results of my test.

Paul's First Space Marine

The smudge tool is awful when used excessively. I did learn that. But, I truly have a lot of work in front of me. The one bright spot is that this rekindled my primordial love for art. I don’t know why, but this tablet got me excited to draw again. I’ve purchased new supplies in the past to spur my creative juices. Each supply always brings with it a strange feeling of infinite creativity sprawled out before you, a wonderful curiosity of potential, but something happened when I started sketching this guy out to test how this thing operated. I just kept going. I see all the problems of the piece in front of me, but it was nice just to go ham and give this new medium an honest go.

Now I’m rearranging my office to make it fit, but it will be a day before the gas lift arm and longer cables get here, so back to typing for now.

Did you actually do anything?

I did. You don’t have to get sassy.

I finished about 50% of the profiles I had left over and I’m 75% done with the rules section.

Remaining Sections:

  • 5x Book Sections Remaining (including my introduction and the table of contents)
  • 16x Lamenters Profiles [Update: 8/16 – I spent all day working and I’m down to 5 profiles now.]
  • 6x Auxilia Profiles Remaining
  • 8x Rules Pages Remaining
  • Reformat entire Stat Profile section (I already built the template)

Until this is done, I’ll show back up with this list so you can see exactly where I’m at. Hopefully the list will be severely dwindled by next Sunday.

There were way more unfinished profiles than I thought. As another fun aside, I had to build a timeline for the chapter in order to get perspective on when characters would have joined the chapter. As I wrote each profile, I tried to think about where they came from and how that would influence who they were. What I discovered was that the majority of the Lamenters would have been recruited from the Maelstrom zone by the time the Badab war kicks off. The Lamenters were part of the Maelstrom Warders for almost 500 years. To me, that provides a completely different perspective on some of their motivations. Insane when you think about it and I don’t know why it just damned on me.

So anyway. Work continues, much to the chagrin of my procrastinating ass.

Deal with it.

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