I Have Finished Able Squad

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Yes, you read that title right, Mom. Finally, I have finished Able Squad.

Factoids to fill a Post:

For those that don’t know yet Able Squad is based off the cartoon series Exo-Squad.

The current pilot does in two hours what took Exo-Squad ten minutes to accomplish in its first episode. My pilot hits relatively similar beats, but the result is an exponentially more fleshed out world. The characters now occupy a living, breathing reality.

I originally conceived the pilot as a two hundred page, four hour mini series. I drew inspiration from the Ronald D. Moore reboot of Battlestar Galactica, of which I was a massive fan. I wrote that version over a decade ago.

Later, I broke the Pilot into two distinct parts: the set-up and results. This made the pilot into two-two hour long pieces but the second part had too many things happening all at once. The second part rushed through many details, which spurred the desire to rewrite the script again for a final time.

In this most recent iteration I simplified the pilot down to a single, two hour episode in a more traditional format but leaves us on a cliffhanger more suitable for serialized or streaming based television.

The pilot adds over twenty more pages of new content, more refined dialog, a more unique and less “clean” world build inspired by the original series anime roots, a laser focus on the characters, and character plot threads that will propel us across several seasons.

The second part will now become at least three to four additional one hour episodes in the first season.

Now what?

The script is being proofread and looked at by top people. I gave the script to those that didn’t write it to make sure it reads well and the changes make sense to someone other than myself. After that, hopefully by the end of the week I’ll have it posted. The Able Squad portfolio page has been made live in preparation for its arrival.

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