I finished Act I of Mutant Chronicles.

Act I?

I know that’s not a lot, but right now, it feels stellar. I’ve been struggling with the opening act for awhile. Revisions, rewrites. The damn thing never seemed to end. This script has been a thorn in my side for years and putting this critical part behind me was a huge relief.

The first act is about twenty five pages right now. As I go back and do revisions I’ll be bulking that up. I have to add more about the main character. I don’t think we know enough about her. The event transpiring in the opening is simple, but critical for her and I don’t think the audience feels that yet. We aren’t entirely attached to her. I have a few ideas, but I have to keep moving or else I’ll loose momentum. The goal will be to go back, with the benefit of the entire screenplay behind me and fill in those gaps.

The Rest of the Story

Act II and III are good to go at this point. Almost nothing else has changed in the script except the addition of another character staying on longer from the first act. I’ll start in on that Monday. I suspect this will take about a month to get the entire draft finished. The grind on this script has been arduous. I want to give myself enough time to really get through it and make sure it lives up to the vision in my head.

Once the draft is done, there will obviously be revisions and minor rewrites. The main event will be the bibles. There will be a pitch bible and a writer’s bible as usual.


I’m struggling to carve out time to write. Once again I’m back to staying up at night until about 2AM. My goal to fix my sleep schedule seems to be long gone now. I believe I’ve talked about this before. It may have been on my other blog? Yep, here it is. But I really can’t get the juices flowing until 11:00PM or so. It’s like a switch. I don’t know if it’s biological or neurological. Probably both? Every night, once get started I want to go on and on until the sun comes up, but with a family it’s difficult to do that. Things just aren’t as clear as they were last year and that’s a bummer.

Other Stuff

I mentioned last week I moved offices. There used to be a glass front cabinet over my desk that held all of my X-Men figures. I just kept them on display there, but I sold them off. The cabinet held several integrated lights that were handy to have above my my desk. But, now that the cabinet is gone, they are gone. I need to find another light. I’ve got a small desk lamp in here but it isn’t very bright and reading my notes is a chore. Doing anything on the desk is a chore. I need to find a new light. I’m looking at the BenQ AR-15 Desk Lamp. The price is a high, but there aren’t a lot of quality task lamps like this anymore. Most of it is cheap, Chinese stuff. There are some interesting over monitor lights that I like, but I’m looking for a particular aesthetic.

The lamp has an optional table mount I might pick up too. I’m considering that because then I could use the lamp with my drawing table. I keep playing with the idea of getting back into drawing. I want to do a comic book at some point, but I’m hesitant. I’ve got to work on my confidence levels.

Maybe practice…

That’s enough for now, I guess. I’ll see you all next week for the next update.

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