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I’m going to make this one a quickie.

What Did You Do Last Week?

My intention, as laid out last week, was to complete the bulk of the writing for the codex. That didn’t happen. I forgot an entire section of the book. Yeah. Good times. Unfortunately, it is a critical piece. In between the lore and the datasheets, there is a “Rules” Section that outlines all the rules that are new and exclusive to the faction featured. I didn’t write any of those. My entire week was spent reading and writing new rules for this small section of the book. I’m still not done. So oof.

I’m about 75% of the way complete and I plan on having that done in the next day or so. After that I’ll complete the remainder of the written copy and begin the revision process.

I’m just going to keep working, so I’ll see you in a few more days.

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