I’m about fifty pages in on Kenobi. I need seventy more pages, roughly. Screenwriting usually ends with me going over page limits, so I’m not worried. Seventy pages would be writing ten pages everyday for the rest of the week to meet my goal of completing the draft by May 1.

I can do it, but I don’t know if I can do it.

In last week’s post I was the having faith in myself guy but, after that, it went down like the Hindenburg. I had to take care of some medical problems, personal problems, and work out problems, which really irks me. You don’t care about all that though. In the end, the medical issues got solved, the personal problems are currently getting fixed, and I revised my workout for better consistency. Now, these last two or three days have been fairly productive although I’m still not getting enough sleep. As I mentioned, I’m a night owl when it comes to writing. I’m going to try and shift my schedule more into days for my own health. I need to focus and be more productive during the daylight hours anyway.

Script Progress

There isn’t much going on with the script yet.

That sounds anti-climatic.

There aren’t a lot of issues, I mean. I’ve written a lot but since I’m just going for the vomit draft I don’t have much to report. There are some good exchanges between Obi-Wan and Owen that I really enjoy. There might be too much levity in it, particularly in the action scene that kicks off the entire plot, but I’ll read through it once I’m finished writing the entire thing to make a judgment. Obviously things will change, I just don’t know how much silliness the script can stand until its all put together. The plot is flowing well and I have it all detailed out until the end, so it’s really just about writing dialog and fleshing out descriptions. Not a lot of writing process happening, but you can really rake yourself across the coals about dialog and descriptions sometimes.

One Night With Michelle

This past week I ended up writing a new opening for the movie that ties into the original opening. I think it gives us more context to who and what the main character is about and why we are in the situation to begin with. This new opening lends more credibility to the story, lets us see the character’s credibility directly, rather than just people throughout the film saying this is who this character is, accept it. I’m not going to lie, I like the new scene a lot.

I’m not as fearful about working on this film as I was at the beginning of Phase 2. In fact, I’m actually looking forward to it now. I want to explore what happens to the main character and how he recovers from his problems.

Mutant Chronicles

I spent a day thinking about what I want this series to be about, its themes, I guess. To say I enjoyed the lore would be an understatement, but the universe is a mixed bag. Not because its confusing or bad, but because its overstuffed with a lot of things happening. I need to boil that down, distill it to its most critical components and tell that story first. I want to focus on the street level, the noir setting hidden in this craziness. I’m interested in the horror aspects and the corporate chicanery.

There are massive wars happening in the background too, I don’t want to forget all that larger stuff, but I need to tie it all together. I want the world to gradually open up to the audience. We go from the street to the solar system, from relative normalcy to multi dimensional terrors, from right to wrong, over the course of five seasons. We can’t have a ton of weird stuff dropping in their laps right off the bat. Too much of a ramp up can be off-putting and can go from about zero to sixty on the cheesy meter in about one point five seconds. You can check out the failed movie from years ago for a lesson in how not to introduce your complex and multi-layered universe to normies.

I’m more anxious than ever to get to work on this too. I never thought writing Kenobi would be my road block.


Well, look who crashed the damn party. What a surprise said no one ever.

This series will not stop cat calling me. This is Phase 3 stuff. I’m all like “What are you doing here?” and it’s all like “No, just let it happen.”

How dare you. **

This series intruded on my life yet again and sat firmly in my brain for several hours, just making itself at home. I gave it a few moments of thought, which was probably the wrong message and probably why it keeps showing up. But, anyway, I keep thinking abut reinforcing all the Sothern Gothic tropes of the original story. I want that to really shine through. To give you a bit of background it’s about teenagers fighting vampires in the south. It may or may not have been a Buffy spin-off I envisioned way back in the year 2000. *conanobrienvibes.gif*

I will will probably might will drop the Buffy background, although outside of mentioning the Slayers and the teenagers having a watcher, it’s an original vampire story. I may allude to it and just make the watcher a *not* watcher instead.

Oddly enough the series name comes from Mutant Chronicles. I used it as a place holder for the series when I was younger. In MC the Mortificators are religious assassins. I’ll have to find another name for the series at some point. Hey! Maybe that’s why it keeps showing up at inappropriate times?

Get out of here and don’t come back until Phase 3!


I was going to try and avoid talking about Awaken, but I couldn’t help it because it’s still noticeably absent for its debut.

Our suspect still has the script. They are having their own life issues, so I don’t know when it’s going to be done. They mentioned they had notes, so I may or may not be doing another revision on that when it rolls in. Their feedback has always been critical and substantive, so I do my best to listen.

I talked to my son this week about the script and he provided some really great insights into why a particular ending should be chosen. The conversation really got my percolator percolating. When I get those other notes back, I’m going to consider his advice too and, hopefully, stick a fork in Awaken once and for all.

I’m excited. I wish it was done already.

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