Ladies and Gentlemen. We did it.

The draft of Kenobi is done.

Needless to say this week was much more productive, although still not as productive as I wanted it to be. I got the script finished this morning at the eleventh hour.

I’ll be doing a basic revision tomorrow morning and then I’ll give it to my son, a Star Wars aficionado, to read and provide his thoughts and notes. Once I make those changes I’ll hand it over to my “top men” for their evaluation. I’m hoping one or two more weeks and the script will be complete. Needless to say this is a huge burden off my plate.

What’s Next

Mutant Chronicles comes next. This will be a ground up redo, but I suspect the main skeleton of the story will remain unchanged. The script is a television pilot so expect the usual extras including a pitch bible and writer’s bible.

I’m praying to God that Awaken gets it’s review completed by the one currently holding it and I can get these posted around the same time. That’s still a thing. Thank you for being patient.

In the mean time, hold fast. Things are a coming along.

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