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Everything is a mess right now. I took some time out to begin improvements to the website, something I had originally wanted to do in the new year, but I thought now was the time. I don’t know why.

Progress is… going.

I’ve got a lot of “filler” in places. I have a vision – somewhat – of what I would like to have and this is not it. I basically cranked the site out to get it functional. I experimented with various aspects and boy, she is not pretty. Can you believe I used to own a business doing web design? Me either… well maybe, this was the early 2000s. I’m so out of touch and I feel awkward doing it now. I take no passion in it anymore. The “web” has become a place of soulless, corporate garbage, not nearly the exciting wild west of creativity it once was in the late 90s. Everything is formulaic and sterile now and there are thousands of sites filled with gurus talking about how important your footer is. SEO gurus makes me whinge.

For instance, Apple is now the embodiment of 1984. How did we get to this version of 2020? Apple made commercials about stickling it to the man, about being a rebel, and now they are the man. Have you seen their site, I… I feel like I’m going to get molested just looking at it. I can’t even explain how that makes sense in my head. Like the house Al Pachino’s character and his wife have in the movie Heat, it’s just a post modern nonsense, you hate it, you can’t say why, but it just prods at you, making you uncomfortable. The person who designed the house was a sleaze, and it oozes through their work. I feel icky being on Apple’s site. I think it’s the font and the leading.

I’ll probably make my site look more like that.

I want to take original images for the site, not just these stock images, but then I think “why?” I don’t think anyone will care. There are about a thousand minor annoyances I have to chase down like hover color changes, mobile responsiveness (smart phones didn’t exist when I made websites, but then again, neither did CSS), fix some silly design choices. I’ll undoubtedly want to continue the sites erotic massage for the duration of my self indulgent ego trip that is Scientific Romance. I can’t even get my friends to read my writing, so this could go south quickly. No one has the attention span anymore.

I really didn’t want things to get this “big.” I wanted the site to stay visually low key, but I figured if I want to get some eyes on my projects, I better expand the site a bit, make it a bit more flashy. I probably should have stayed low key. In life I’ve discovered your initial course of action is usually the best one. Staying and thinking about it too much just leads to redoing something later – probably the way you originally wanted to do it anyway.

As a counterpart to my rammed through website rebuild I’ve embraced the social media the kids are talking about and gotten aboard Twitter and Instagram. Twitter is a wasteland of degenerates screaming into a void filled with degenerates screaming into a void, I don’t see my participation going well there, nor being fruitful, so I’ll probably avoid it. However, if you want to follow me over there and give me a sip for the memes, I’ll take it. Same with Instagram. Instagram seems like the place I’ll settle into. Seems natural, a site made for images of yourself and I’m posting about words. Perfect fit!

Kill me.

The more I type this the more I just want to put my entire computer into a wood chipper and then throw myself in afterwards. The internet has become such a waste of time. I just don’t think I have it in me to flag people down and attempt to make them care anymore. People are literally on the internet crying because reading is hard. That doesn’t bode well for a writer of written words.

On to the script update:

Able Squad is in the hopper… hopping. I’ve completed a lot of the rewrite and I really only have one major scene to go. I’m hoping to have that done this week. I will probably just post the Pilot when its completed. The bible will take too long to rewrite and the pitch bible situation is a mess, I can’t even identify archetypes for actors, let alone put together a cohesive document before the new year. I don’t know, maybe I could get it all done.

Housebands is something that will probably write so easily when I finally get to it I’m surprised I just didn’t get it done instead of doing this. I’m mentally locked into this order I created for myself, though. I already started Able Squad and my body won’t let me move on. It’s weird. Also, Housebands may not get posted until after the new year. My goal is to get Able Squad done this week and spend time with my family for the holiday watching movies and getting fatter. Before New Years I’ll probably pick the script up and start getting the basics done, structuring the scenes and layering it up before I do a final pass.

That will round out Phase 1. I’m SO ready for Phase 2. I think it’s going to be a lot more fun. Phase 1 was about putting to rest projects that had been sitting for a long time, finished but unfinished. Awaken, my first film ever, in phase 2 is that way, but I’m rewriting it from the ground up, so it will be a new story from an entirely new perspective. My hope is to make short work of Phase 2 because Phase 3 is made up of ideas that have been incubating for a long time. Way too long. Things that I couldn’t do because I had a pile of other work drowning me. A few of the projects in Phase 3 will be the projects that I intend to actually produce and that gets me excited.

Thanks for reading, Mom.

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