This is going to come out of left field for some of you, for others, perhaps not.

I feel we’ve entered into what many have called the End Times. As a result, I believe the return of Jesus Christ is imminent. I don’t know how imminent, but I do believe within my lifetime we will see him again. If I’m being completely honest, I think we will see him within the next seven to sixteen years. I’ve spent the last two weeks wrestling with this and attempting to fumble my way through that realization. I’m going to refer you to my new website:

There, I’ll be posting my thoughts about “Christian topics,” world happenings, and my general thoughts and feelings about everything going on.

If you do not know Jesus Christ and want real answers without standard Christian platitudes, please contact me over at my website. If you have general questions about Christianity, again, please ask them.

Terrible and difficult times are coming and I ask you to please consider looking into Jesus Christ. Inside you there is a hole that you have tried to fix with hobbies, entertainment, activism, perhaps vague spiritualism, or fruitless atheism. Please, just think about what lays before you and set aside what you think you know about Christianity that you may have picked up from what I refer to as the “collective Christian subconscious.” This is an impression drawn about Christianity which derives from old wives tales, television and movies, and trite Christian sayings that almost always have no origin in the bible.

My simple request is to just humble yourself. Know that you don’t have all the answers, acknowledge that there is something larger than yourself, and that you are willing to open your mind and explore that possibility. Your soul is breathed into you by God himself. You have a “whisper” of God himself within you and it longs to be home again with the creator. Acknowledge that and allow yourself to indulge it just for a short while with sincerity and heart felt desire to know the truth. Pray to the one we so flippantly call “God” and tell him that you are ready to be led back home.

If you feel that… “pull” towards God, a nagging in your heart, chest, or stomach that won’t let go, you are being called home. You are living a miracle. Confess that you acknowledge you are a sinner to the Lord in prayer and that you are seeking his guidance, his wisdom. Tell him you want to know Jesus Christ.

After that you need to contact me, or you need to talk with someone you know is true of heart in their faith in Christ.

Please remember:

You are special.

You are loved more than you could ever know.

You are absolutely not alone.

Every question you have has an answer and you deserve real answers.

Don’t let your preconceptions about Christianity turn you away.

All it takes is a moment of vulnerability to humble yourself. That takes incredible strength. Embrace it.

– In the great and glorious name of Jesus Christ (Yeshua) I pray, Amen!

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