Movin’ On Up!

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Here we are. Another week, some more horizontal progress.


I’ve been busy chipping away at schoolwork. Nothing has been abundantly exciting, but since I’m doing four hundred-level classes, there is some new information learned. Not a lot, but after twenty years of writing, you’ve seen some stuff. A few things surprise you, though, so those little nuggets of information are lovely to encounter. If anything, the courses give you some new perspective. Writing alone can get you cooped up in a box, and it’s nice to get out and see other things.


As a result of this new perspective, I’ve developed the basis for some new website guides based on an idea from school. These may not be to everyone’s taste, but I’ll write a few of them up and see what sticks. I think just having some evergreen information on the site will increase its value to others and perhaps attract some people. I’m not counting on a lot since the internet is 90% bots, but it will be good practice.


I started a Substack to try and grow an audience. If you aren’t familiar with Substack, it’s a publishing platform aimed at writers. If you like someone’s work, sign up with your e-mail address and follow them in their writing odyssey. Essentially, it’s a community of newsletters. Since it has a community function, people in the Substack community may discover my newsletter and decide to follow my progress. Who knows. I’m going to post topics there that are specific to my writing. The progress, development, and all the psychological bally-hoo that goes into being a writer. For those following me here on the old webzone, I’ll keep some of my thoughts and work archive here to incentivize people to explore my work more deeply. I will always prefer having a website I can control and a place to call my own.

You can check out the Substack over at If you like my work, please sign up. It’s free and doesn’t cost you anything.

Process Updates

Because of the Substack, I will focus more on substantive updates that focus on my developmental process. In other words, my journey in trying to be a writer. I’m hoping this will give people a shot at learning who I am and watching me grow as a writer. I hope they’ll come along and root for me in my work. The positive boost might be a motivator, too; it’s getting lonely out here. I might be more motivated to write daily with an audience, thus creating more progress.

You might have noticed that I changed the front page a little bit. The latest project section grew, and I added a progress bar to give new visitors a quick look at where I am with the project. The bar has a little animation on it, giving you the anticipation of it going up ANY minute! Setting the bar each week will provide me with a dopamine boost. Line go up, as they say.

Weekly Updates

The Substack won’t affect the weekly update schedule. I will still aim for that, but I also want the updates to be more personal and detailed. I will document more of my thoughts daily and spend time writing the update rather than just shotgunning them out as I have been. Again, I’ll post a few more tidbits here that are relevant to the site and things outside the regular writing updates. Does Substack allow GIFs? Who cares, let’s make that a thing that stays here even if so.

When Does it All Start?

Hey, you’re back. Things will start with the post after this one. So, next week’s update. I’m going to start keeping a daily journal and documenting my feelings about the process of writing and being a chud. On the weekend, I’ll do a lengthy write-up, hopefully have a few pictures, and find a day when I can post the content regularly. I’ll post it here, too, but add more off-the-cuff details.

Have a good week. Please pray for my resolve to continue to move forward and upward.

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