• Slow Motion

    Published On: 6 September 20223.7 min read0 Comments on Slow Motion

    I'm late, I know. But, I have not been procrastinating. At least, not on all fronts.

  • Zero Things Accomplished

    Published On: 22 August 20221.6 min read0 Comments on Zero Things Accomplished

    My wife took the week off. My son started a new semester at college again today. I got absolutely zero done last week, but there were a few happenings about what might be coming.

  • Are You Ready Kids?!?

    Published On: 14 August 20222.8 min read0 Comments on Are You Ready Kids?!?

    As promised, Kenobi has been fully revised and posted to the site. I did a few other things last week, so take a look.

  • Get Crackin’

    Published On: 9 August 20224.5 min read0 Comments on Get Crackin’

    Sorry I'm a bit late with the update. This week was busy. I rebuilt Codex Lamenters and did some minor edits to The Last Day.

  • What Are We All Doing Here?

    Published On: 29 July 20226.9 min read0 Comments on What Are We All Doing Here?

    In this episode I talk about the major updates to the website and layout plans for the future of Scientific Romance.

  • For Anyone Who Shows Up (Thanks Mom)

    Published On: 18 July 20221.6 min read3 Comments on For Anyone Who Shows Up (Thanks Mom)

    In this episode, the humble author has returned to survey his creation and bring order to a universe gone insane.

  • I Don’t Know What to Say

    Published On: 23 January 20225.7 min read0 Comments on I Don’t Know What to Say

    I've been trying to work on Mutant Chronicles this week. I got some writing done, but a lot of silly stuff has come up.

  • I’m Doing Flips

    Published On: 16 January 20223.2 min read0 Comments on I’m Doing Flips

    I finished Act I of Mutant Chronicles. This script has been a thorn in my side and putting this critical piece behind me is a huge relief.

  • Getting Out of the Rut

    Published On: 9 January 20221.8 min read0 Comments on Getting Out of the Rut

    Things were uneventful this week. I'm trying to get back in the swing of things, but I think my mind is still stuck in the proverbial rut.

  • 2022 Starting Gun

    Published On: 2 January 20223.2 min read0 Comments on 2022 Starting Gun

    Here we are. This is the kick off to 2022 and hopefully the beginning of getting back in the saddle with this screenwriting project.