• Creative Writing Research A Beginner’s Guide

    Published On: 13 February 202415 min read1 Comment on Creative Writing Research A Beginner’s Guide

    Have you ever looked up a topic on the internet hoping to get sage advice about your subject, only to realize when you read that article it's just an ad for a productivity app? Well, you're in luck because if you clicked on this article hoping to get some [...]

  • Slow Motion

    Published On: 6 September 20223.7 min read0 Comments on Slow Motion

    I'm late, I know. But, I have not been procrastinating. At least, not on all fronts.

  • Zero Things Accomplished

    Published On: 22 August 20221.6 min read0 Comments on Zero Things Accomplished

    My wife took the week off. My son started a new semester at college again today. I got absolutely zero done last week, but there were a few happenings about what might be coming.

  • Are You Ready Kids?!?

    Published On: 14 August 20222.8 min read0 Comments on Are You Ready Kids?!?

    As promised, Kenobi has been fully revised and posted to the site. I did a few other things last week, so take a look.

  • Get Crackin’

    Published On: 9 August 20224.5 min read0 Comments on Get Crackin’

    Sorry I'm a bit late with the update. This week was busy. I rebuilt Codex Lamenters and did some minor edits to The Last Day.

  • What Are We All Doing Here?

    Published On: 29 July 20226.9 min read0 Comments on What Are We All Doing Here?

    In this episode I talk about the major updates to the website and layout plans for the future of Scientific Romance.

  • For Anyone Who Shows Up (Thanks Mom)

    Published On: 18 July 20221.6 min read3 Comments on For Anyone Who Shows Up (Thanks Mom)

    In this episode, the humble author has returned to survey his creation and bring order to a universe gone insane.

  • I Don’t Know What to Say

    Published On: 23 January 20225.7 min read0 Comments on I Don’t Know What to Say

    I've been trying to work on Mutant Chronicles this week. I got some writing done, but a lot of silly stuff has come up.

  • I’m Doing Flips

    Published On: 16 January 20223.2 min read0 Comments on I’m Doing Flips

    I finished Act I of Mutant Chronicles. This script has been a thorn in my side and putting this critical piece behind me is a huge relief.

  • Getting Out of the Rut

    Published On: 9 January 20221.8 min read0 Comments on Getting Out of the Rut

    Things were uneventful this week. I'm trying to get back in the swing of things, but I think my mind is still stuck in the proverbial rut.