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Able Squad, an elite group of marine specialists, fight to keep the fracturing solar system together, but humanity finds itself betrayed during it’s greatest crisis.

Story Summary

In the future humanity has colonized the inner planets of our solar system in search of new opportunities and exotic resources, creating a golden age of prosperity. Joining together as the United Homeworlds, the human race now sets it’s gaze to the outer planets for rapid expansion.

However, former colonists and prisoners sent to mine the moons of Saturn long ago have banded together into a secessionist group, calling themselves the United Clans of Saturn. Now labeled “pirates” they hope to hold onto their ancestral homes and keep the United Homeworlds from taking what their forbearers claimed generations ago.

As a result, humanity created genetically engineered beings called “Neosapiens” to tame the rich but dangerous worlds of profit. Being bought and sold as mere instruments of production, the super human Neosapiens were veritable slaves.

After decades of degrading oppression, the Neosapiens rose up in a gruesome guerilla war to throw off their shackles, but were narrowly beaten back. In an outcry of public support, the Neosapiens were able to gain some autonomy over their collective destiny but they are still regarded as second class citizens and viewed as provocateurs.

As tensions once again rise between the United Homeworlds and the United Clans of Saturn, war looms on the horizon. The members of Able Squad, an elite Homeworlds Marine special operations unit must enter the fray head on. But, humanity finds itself betrayed during its greatest crisis and the members of Able Squad will find their resilience and perseverance pushed to the limits in a war that spans the entire solar system.

Writer’s Statement

Able Squad was conceptualized as a speculative writing exercise. The goal was to take an existing property, in this case an animated series from the 90s called Exo-Squad, and develop it into a live action series. My goal was nothing less than creating the best science fiction show ever written. I took inspiration from the reimagining of Battlestar Galactica and wasn’t afraid to turn the series inside out, breaking some things that could be done better, but also recognizing the effort that went into the original, not only to honor that, but to turn up the dial on the best elements of the beloved animation to an eleven.

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Chronicles of the Void - Exo-Suit Concept


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