Able Squad, an elite group of marine specialists, fight to keep the fracturing solar system together, but humanity finds itself betrayed during it’s greatest crisis.

In the future, humanity has colonized the inner planets of our solar system in search of new opportunities and exotic resources, leading to a prosperous golden age. The human race, known as the United Homeworlds, is now focused on rapid expansion towards the outer planets. However, former colonists and prisoners sent to mine Saturn’s moons have formed a secessionist group called the United Clans of Saturn. They hope to keep their ancestral homes and prevent the United Homeworlds from taking what their ancestors claimed generations ago. This group has been labeled as “pirates.”

To help with the dangerous and profitable worlds, humanity created genetically engineered beings called “Neosapiens.” These superhumans were bought and sold as mere instruments of production, making them veritable slaves. After decades of oppression, the Neosapiens rose up in a gruesome guerilla war to throw off their shackles but were narrowly beaten back. In response to public outcry, the Neosapiens gained some autonomy over their collective destiny. However, they are still regarded as second-class citizens and viewed as provocateurs.

War looms on the horizon as tensions rise again between the United Homeworlds and the United Clans of Saturn. The members of Able Squad, an elite Homeworld Marine special operations unit, must enter the fray head-on. But, humanity finds itself betrayed during its greatest crisis, and the members of Able Squad will discover their resilience and perseverance pushed to the limits in a war that spans the entire solar system.

e-frame concept

Exo-Suit Concept from “Chronicles of the Void” By Drigzabot

retro tech

Able Squad would be a series based on retro futurism derived from 70s and 80s science fiction and anime.

Project Materials

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“Pilot” Part 1 & 2
120 Pages Each – PDF

Colony Concept

Pitch Bible

68 Page PDF

Writer’s Bible

100 Pages PDF

Writer’s Statement

Able Squad was conceptualized as a speculative writing exercise. The goal was to take an existing property, in this case, an animated series from the 90s called Exo-Squad, and develop it into a live-action series. My goal was nothing less than creating the best science fiction show ever written. I took inspiration from the reimagining of Battlestar Galactica. I wasn’t afraid to turn the series inside out, breaking some things that could be done better, but also recognizing the effort that went into the original to honor that and turn up the dial on the best elements of the beloved animation to an eleven.

Copyright Information

Written By Paul Pratt

Based On Exo-Squad Created by Jeff Segal

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