After being cheated on by his fiancé, Gauge runs to Savannah Georgia and becomes entwined in a love triangle between a waitress with a past and a prostitute longing for a sincere relationship, forcing him to confront the nature of his pain.

Gauge is a skilled carpenter who runs away to Savannah, Georgia, to escape the pain caused by his fiancé’s betrayal. However, the emotional wound continues to haunt him, leading him to intervene in the life of a mysterious young prostitute named Violet. After Violet gets arrested, Gauge tries to find her a legitimate job and eventually becomes entangled with Lila, a waitress who wants to help Violet turn her life around.

As Violet starts to rebuild her life, Gauge and Lila fall in love with each other. However, their pasts prevent them from confessing their true feelings to one another. When Violet notices that the two are getting closer, Lila is driven to confess her demons to Gauge about her past and tests their blooming relationship. But when the enamored Violet discovers their love for each other, the revelation sends them on a collision course that exposes all their sins.

The film is set in the historic city of Savannah, Georgia, which provides a stunning backdrop for cinematic storytelling.

savannah skyline

Savannah’s historic downtown exudes charm and mystery.

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Writer’s Statement

Awaken was the first screenplay I tried to write for myself after high school. As a young man, I was fueled by delusions of grandeur about my abilities to write and produce a film. Every day, I tried to carve out time to write this Frankenstein picture I was crafting in my head. Stolen moments at work, late evenings on the weekends, I would continue to chip away at this broken piece of writing. I struggled to assemble the movie pieces into a coherent storyline, and my desire to see every trope and theme I loved merged into one film made it a muddled mess. The film would see numerous iterations, starting as a supernatural thriller and then taking a slightly more grounded turn into a story of a former hitman. The film started to find itself when I made the character someone who got visions of helping people in danger and patrolled the streets at night. But, all of these silly concepts were irrelevant to the stories about the relationships I kept trying to hone in on. Despite all my efforts, at the end of the day, the film was ultimately about nothing. I just wanted to tell a good story about love, betrayal, and hurt. Everything else was just window dressing, jingling keys to keep people watching.

After years of this screenplay haunting me from a file box, I finally dared to confront it and rewrote the entire script from page one. I stripped it of everything but its most essential components. The base characters and their critical relationships stayed. The setting was non-negotiable. The main character’s motivation for heading to Savannah, Georgia, remains too. Although some of the quaint charms I enjoyed about the original are gone, I tried to work in subtle nods to those moments that only I, or others who have followed its development over the years, would know. The script is more powerful, and the themes are apparent now. Despite not being perfect, I can’t help but have a soft spot for it. Perhaps, one day, I can mold the film into what I feel about it in my heart.

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Written By Paul Pratt