Four jobless, thirty-something house husbands, who are married to successful weomen, struggle to find their way through life, but only find trouble.


Housebands is about four guys and their complacent attitudes towards life.

These stay at home husbands attempt to live up what most millennial men would consider to be the best living situation ever: being married to a “sugar mama.” Even though each tries to work towards their own ideas of self-fulfillment with infinite time sprawled out before them, they end up simply drifting, lost. When their delicate balance is upset, they work diligently (and comically) to maintain their comfortable status quo.

The guys spend an inordinate amount of time defending themselves and their personal lives from each other to mask their own insecurities. Steve defends his poorly written screenplays, Tom, his obsession with video games, Fred, his low confidence, and Bob must completely cover up his fear of looking weak by berating the others, when in reality he is a good husband and father.

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The first season would start innocently enough, but elements would be introduced that would bring in mystery, horror, suspense, and even the paranormal. The goal was to create something that could unfold like Twin Peaks, but also be funny.

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By the end of the series the plot would be globe spanning and have touched on just about every conspiracy theory ever written.

Writer’s Statement

Housebands is my life hit with a hammer and each piece stood up as its own plot device. The characters are my fractured self splayed out for all the world to see. The series takes all of my hopes, dreams, interests and puts them into a wood chipper. Then, the embarrassing results are shot across the audience.

The original premise for the series was a straight comedy, very matter of factly taking stylistic notes from single camera comedy series around the mid to late 2000s. No laugh track with a handful of thoughtful and dramatic moments all anchored with situational comedy. I just wanted four goofy guys simply being emasculated by their wives with the comedy coming from their responses and actions to that situation. But, I wanted to get more creative.

Taking inspiration from the rash of mystery box entertainment I started to build a complex web of intrigue around some of the characters and plots. As I wrote, the plots became larger and more ridiculous culminating in something that sits between Hellraiser and James Bond. I think it’s hilarious.

I only planned out a basic plot for three seasons. I believe that if the show had a good budget and some talented writers that we could hammer out a solid five season run that not only goes overboard on the funny but also weaves in genuine mystery and intrigue to create something really unique and fun.

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Written By Paul Pratt

Based on a story by Paul Pratt and Jeff Roszkowski

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