A mysterious woman born with a natural affinity for the art is tapped by the Brotherhood to investigate growing corruption within the megacorporations, leading her on a path that could see the return of the dreaded Dark Legion.

Centuries ago, the megacorporations took to the stars to flee a ravaged and depleted Earth. In their relentless lust for profit, they unearthed an ancient and alien supernatural power at the edge of the solar system–the Dark Legion. Corrupting and nearly destroying humanity, the malevolent evil was turned back by the will of one man, Nathaniel Durand, founder of the Brotherhood and first Cardinal. Cardinal Durand unified humanity in purpose and gave his life to see the Dark Legion’s incursion defeated. To prevent the Dark Legion from gaining any foothold in reality, the Brotherhood established rules for humanity to keep them safe.

Initially, the megacorporations heeded the Brotherhood’s counsel, turning from technology and submitting to the Brotherhood’s eternal vigil. However, as the centuries passed, history turned to story and story to legend. The megacorporations deemed the Dark Legion a mythological tale that stifled human progress and kept the megacorporations under the Brotherhood’s control.

Unbeknownst to the megacorporations, the Dark Legion has been biding its time, its corrupting influence slowly moving through humanity. As infighting escalates and brutality spills onto the streets, whispers of open conflict between the corporations begin to spread. To root out this evil before the solar system erupts into all-out war, the Brotherhood deploys its most potent weapon, a young mystic named Isobel. The mysterious girl holds a strange mastery over the Brotherhood’s mystical power known as the Art, allowing her a keen sensitivity to the Dark Legion’s corrupting influence, the Dark Symmetry.

With time running out, the inexperienced Isobel is thrust into a perilous investigation that could potentially herald the resurgence of the legendary Dark Legion and spell doom for humanity.

Mutant Chronicles Inquisitor

The Brotherhood employs many agents, including Inquisitors, who check humanity for signs of the Dark Legion’s corrupting influence. This version retains what makes Mutant Chronicles so unique and provoking.

Unlike previous live action incarnations of Mutant Chronicles, this version would hold fast to the original role-playing game’s cyberpunk and Blade Runner-esque roots and grow slowly with the audience. The story would begin on the city streets and expand into a multi-world spanning adventure.

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Mutant Chronicles Corporate War

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Mutant Chronicles Dark Legion

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Copyright Information

Written By Paul Pratt

Based On Mutant Chronicles created by Target Games.

© 2024 Cabinet Entertainment LLC, Heroic Signatures. Mutant Chronicles and related marks are Trademarks of Cabinet Entertainment LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Writer’s Statement

Mutant Chronicles has been on my mind since I first saw the Paul Bonner artwork in a catalog advertising the Doomtrooper collectible card game in the mid-nineties. I was obsessed with the juxtaposition of guns and swords, the military guys fighting demons, and, above all, those shoulder pads! I loved the cards, role-playing games, video games, you name it.

But I also watched it all crumble: the unpublished Luna City Sourcebook, Heartbreaker Hobbies folding, the Pressman Films Mutant Chronicles movie, Target Games “reorganized” into Paradox Entertainment to publish a Mutant Chronicles strategy game in their Valpurgius game engine. One of my favorite science fiction properties was a mountain of rubble.

After the game disappeared, I held the Mutant Chronicles .com domain name for some time, intent on becoming the keeper of all things Mutant Chronicles. I wanted to develop a central website about what a great story Mutant Chronicles was and make every piece of it available to everyone.

But then, the film eventually emerged from development hell, and I hoped the property would finally climb out of the depths. Despite a strong start with public relations, although well directed, the film had a small budget, was still adapted from the decade-old pressman screenplay drafts, and suffered from an unconfident interpretation of the franchise’s background material.

Since then, I’ve had one goal: to produce the best live-action story for Mutant Chronicles.

Mutant Chronicles is a… weird and complex world. You can’t just throw people into it and say it’s Blade Runner, Hellraiser, and some days it’s your favorite war movie, all mixed together! Why is it even called Mutant Chronicles? There are a lot of facets to the property’s issues with ascending into the pop culture zeitgeist. The bad thing is that everyone wants to wade into the deepest part of the water without earning it. A reasonable interpretation of Mutant Chronicles starts small and gets big. The story should begin as a problem between people and become supernatural. The story should be on the city streets, then build up to the corporate battlefields. These elements can lurk in the background from the start but must be built up for the uninitiated to digest properly.

With extreme care and attention to detail, Mutant Chronicles can be a successful live-action property.