To begin rebuilding a broken and war weary Federation on the verge of tearing itself apart in the aftermath of the Dominion War, the crew of the U.S.S. Gladiator is deployed to the ravaged planet of Betazed amid increasing political and social turmoil.

The Dominion War has left the United Federation of Planets and the Romulan Star Empire as the only superpowers in two quadrants of the galaxy.

There are rumors of a cold war between them as the Romulans refuse to return territory they liberated over the course of the war. The Federation does not want another war as they are low on resources and manpower, and their fleet is devastated. Most of the Starfleet captains are young and inexperienced, having been promoted in the battlefield. The Federation stand’s on a razor’s edge to help its devastated member worlds.

Meanwhile, Betazed, a core world of the Federation that was occupied by the Dominion during the war, desperately needs humanitarian aid. Captain Malcolm Xires and his ship, the U.S.S. Gladiator, are deployed to help rebuild the planet. However, the ship is overwhelmed, and the crew cannot keep up with the political and social changes on the planet. Many Betazoids lack basic necessities, and resentment towards Starfleet grows daily.

Can the Gladiator’s crew assist those on the planet? Can the young and jaded crewmen help the Federation return to its original values amidst violence and resentment?

Akira Class Concept

The series would feature the fan favorite  Akira-Class as it’s signature vessel.

Star Trek Generations

Rather than the Unreal Engine like CGI of today’s Trek, the series would go back to a more cinematic and grounded look inspired by Star Trek: Generations visuals.

John Eaves Concept Argo

The series will expound on many aspects of Star Trek and unify all the series together as a cohesive whole, with the fifth and final season ending after Star Trek: Nemesis.

Project Materials

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Star Trek XCV Poster


“Pilot” 147 Pages, PDF

akira class

Pitch Bible

42 Pages, PDF

Akira-Class Concept

Writer’s Bible

119 Pages, PDF

Writer’s Statement

Star Trek: Gladiator was created as a sequel to Deep Space Nine and is set in the immediate aftermath of the Dominion War. The series aims to explore what happens to the galaxy after the most catastrophic war in its history. The potential for storytelling, conflicts in the human condition, and consequences are too significant to ignore.

The show starts as a violent, melodramatic, and militaristic version of the Star Trek universe. The entire galaxy is in turmoil as every planet assesses its place in the Federation post-war. Conspiracies and suspicion are rife. This external strife is echoed by our character’s internal strife. Each is falling apart from the war, too.

Each season will focus on a specific mission, and the events of “DS9” and “Voyager” will impact the series. Every location and storyline will be revisited, and “Voyager” will have a chance to finalize the series by showing the aftermath of its arrival home. The final season will lead directly into “Star Trek: Nemesis,” expanding on that movie’s plot and tying up the “Next Generation” era of Star Trek.

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Written By Paul Pratt

Based On Star Trek Created by Gene Roddenberry

Images: Euderion, Jetfreak-7, Alex Jaeger, John Eaves