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To begin rebuilding a broken and war weary Federation on the verge of tearing itself apart in the aftermath of the Dominion War, the crew of the U.S.S. Gladiator is deployed to the ravaged planet of Betazed amid increasing political and social turmoil.


The United Federation of Planets and the Romulan Star Empire are the last remaining superpowers in two quadrants of the galaxy after the staggering losses of the Dominion War.

Rumors of a cold war between the two powers begin to stir after the Romulans refuse to return liberated Federation territory. The Federation is not anxious for another war. They are desperately low on manpower and resources and the fleet is devastated. Many of the Starfleet’s captains are now young, battlefield promoted before their experience warranted a command. The Federation stands upon a razor’s edge to render adequate assistance to it’s member worlds.

In the midst of this uncertainty, Betazed, a Federation core world occupied by the Dominion during the war, is in dire need of humanitarian aid. Battle weary Captain Malcolm Xires and his ship, the U.S.S. Gladiator are redeployed to help rebuild the planet. With no support, the ship finds itself overwhelmed and unable to contain the ever changing political and social landscape of the planet. Many Betazoids lack even the most basic of necessities. Violence and resentment towards Starfleet grows daily, making the crew’s mission all the more difficult.

Can the battle hardened crew of the Gladiator render assistance to those on the planet? Can these jaded young crewmen help a fracturing Federation return to its original values?

Writer’s Statement

Star Trek: Gladiator was created as a sequel to Deep Space Nine set in the immediate aftermath of the Dominion War. I wanted to explore what happened to the galaxy in the wake of the most disastrous war in galactic history. I believe you don’t just get to walk away from something like that. The potential for storytelling, conflict in the human condition and the resulting consequences is too great and opportunity.

The series would begin as a very violent, melodramatic, and militaristic shadow of the Star Trek that everyone was familiar with. The entire galaxy is in political in social turmoil as every planet evaluates their place in the Federation post war. Conspiracies and suspicion lurk around every corner. This external strife is echoed by our characters internal strife. They are falling apart from the war too.

Each season would focus on an overarching mission. The events of DS9 and Voyager would ripple throughout the series. Each would be given expanded lore, revisiting locations and storylines and, in Voyager’s case, a chance to finalize the series as we see the aftermath and results of Voyager’s arrival home. The final season would lead directly into Star Trek: Nemesis, allowing us to expand on that movie’s plot and formally tie up the “Next Generation” era of Star Trek.

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