Cowboy inventor Zephram Cochrane creates a warp drive far surpassing every known technology in the galaxy, but it will cost him everything he holds dear.

Before the N.X., there was the X.C.V.

Zephram Cochrane, the famous inventor of the warp drive that led to humans’ first contact with the Vulcan race, has been developing humanity’s first starship for interstellar travel. After achieving Warp 2 only a few years after his initial Phoenix test flight, Cochrane believed he could do better, go faster, and even surpass their Vulcan allies in just a few years. However, mounting pressure from the United Earth Space Probe Agency to begin colonizing other worlds causes Cochrane to install untested modifications to a ship carrying a friend on a peace mission to Alpha Centauri.

The ship is lost with all hands.

In response, Zephram pushes the limits of his influence and technological know-how to create a new type of warp drive capable of covering vast distances in minutes. Cochrane, known for being a cowboy, shirks off the advice of Vulcan counselors and human bureaucrats who feel humanity is progressing far too fast. Pushing his team well past their fears and limits, Cochrane debuts his new interstellar vessel and warp drive system: The X.C.V. or The eXperimental Coaxial Vehicle.

Crewing the vehicle are the friends and loved ones of Cochrane and his team, as Zephram has grown too old to fly such a mission. The XCV sets off on its first coaxial warp test with the Vulcans and bureaucrats all watching. After accelerating past the Vulcan’s maximum of Warp 6, the X.C.V. enters coaxial warp, but, in an instant, the ship goes missing, causing panic to break out.

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The modern interpretation of the X.C.V. These modern versions create their own story saying the ship was an early design that proved to be a technological dead end. To me the design is way too clean for pre-Federation technology.

If producing the movie I would want a rougher looking ship that has elements that are a reminiscent of a cross between the Pheonix and the NX Enterprise.

motion picture

The original appearance of the Matt Jeffries X.C.V. concept in Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

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Star Trek X.C.V.
152 Pages, PDF

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Written By Paul Pratt

Based On Star Trek Created by Gene Roddenberry


Writer’s Statement

I began writing Star Trek X.C.V. after watching Star Trek Enterprise with my family a few years ago. I was intrigued by what might have happened to Zephram Cochrane after his appearance in the pilot episode. His character shows up later in the original Star Trek series, and I wondered how he got there. The Star Trek universe is full of these small details, and fans on the internet like to speculate about why they exist. However, these details are not allowed to be explained by production issues such as budgetary restraints or innocent continuity errors. But, to the nerd’s credit, even the creators of Star Trek struggled to get the details right because they did not know enough about the universe at the moment of production. Now, we have three different-sized Klingon Birds of Prey.

There are many eras in Star Trek’s history with gaps in the storyline, and one of these is from Enterprise to the original series. Unfortunately, no one will ever return to this era because Enterprise was not well-received. Now, instead, we have Star Trek Section 31. I aimed to bridge this gap while staying true to the existing canon and delivering an incredible story. My goal was to be nothing short of the most epic Star Trek story ever told, with roots firmly entrenched in the spirit of Star Trek: The Motion Picture and 2001: A Space Odyssey. I wanted to delve into the drama of the universal human journey for betterment and the consequences of that in the vastness and unknowns of space.

My story features Zephram Cochrane, Lily, and other characters, including Johnathon Archer’s father. If done correctly, this film would be one of the best Star Trek films ever made and would likely become a flagship title for Paramount Plus if made for the streaming platform.