Samantha is made witness to the final moments of hapless people in a convenience store as they come face to face with death in a sudden nuclear attack.

“The Last Day” is a short film that portrays the chaotic moments just before a nuclear attack.

The story is told through the eyes of regular people in an ordinary location, far from the reality that caused the attack. Follow Samantha, a recent college graduate, on her way to her first job interview. A quick stop at a convenience store, as part of her daily routine, changes everything. Suddenly, Samantha and others present at the gas station must confront their life decisions when they learn that they have less than thirty minutes to live before the attack strikes them.

1950s conceptual art based on the what if scenario of an atomic attack on New York.

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The Last Day
31 Pages, PDF

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Pitch Bible

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Writer’s Bible

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Writer’s Statement

The Last Day was written as a film that, in theory, could have been filmed quickly and on a low budget. I intended to film the project, but in creating the story, I took what I thought was a mundane location, a gas station, and realized it’s one of the busiest and worst places to film for someone with a small budget.

I attempted to put together the film in the early days of Kickstarter. The process of preparing the film by creating budgets, shooting schedules, and facilitating all below-the-line production was very educational for me. Apart from the typical creative-driven elements, I got a hand in every aspect of filmmaking. But, above all, I also learned a valuable lesson in financing a film. Crowdfunding sounds good in theory, but there is an entire marketing and sociological element to it that I didn’t foresee at the time. Now, crowdfunding is almost rote, but in those early days, it was nebulous, and few had the secret to success. In the end, the ordeal was more about discovering something about myself. The process forced me out of my naive notions of filmmaking and artistic creativity. I was forced to “grow up.”

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Poster designed from public domain photo of LGM-118A Peacekeeper missile system being tested at the Kwajalein Atoll in the Marshall Islands.

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