This is my portfolio of completed works. Each project is divided into categories, including Television and Feature Film, then fitted with a tag to show whether the project is original or speculative. But what does that mean?


For the purpose of this portfolio, original work is defined as a piece that is entirely conceived and crafted from my own imagination. This encompasses the world, characters, story, and script.


If you are familiar with screenwriting, then you have probably heard about “spec” scripts. These are screenplays written independently of the studio system, usually for free, with the aim of selling them later on. These spec scripts showcase my writing skills and exemplify my hard work, creativity, and dedication to each project, waiting to be brought to life on screen. While all of my scripts are technically spec scripts, for the purposes of this portfolio, a spec script here means a screenplay based on a property owned by a major studio. Each spec script in this collection is my original work but based on existing properties.

Television Series

Feature Films

Other Projects