Previously, I told you I wanted to finish the vomit draft of Awaken by today. I actually finished on Wednesday night. Surprise. Surprise. I’m revising the script now, which is the process I wanted more time for. One confession, however. I haven’t finished the final scenes as I wanted the entire draft completed before I wrote those out as every decision of the script is critical to the finale. I know what those scenes are, but everything that comes before is so incredibly pivotal I just couldn’t risk writing them quite yet.

How are the revisions coming?

In Awaken, there is so much subtext that it’s hard to spin it all up into a two hour feature. The script, sans final scenes is 134 pages. With the final scenes that might push the screenplay to 150 pages. I’ve got to figure something out to reduce the page count. I’ve spent four days revising the first ninety pages. I’m not sure how much I’ve eliminated. There’s a whole lot of red on them pages, though. Each one looks like Lego people had a shoot out, but there is a lot of dialog I’ve added too. I don’t know if we’ll have a net gain or a loss. I’m leaning towards a gain.

The only thing I can do now is just keep revising and get to the end. I assume I’ll just revise and revise and then take everything I put in, boil it down to it’s meat and potatoes and write condensed lines. We’ll see how it goes. I’m hoping to have a fully readable draft completed by this time next Sunday. I’ll give it to my “top men” and do one final pass. I’m still targeting the end of the month for actual publication, so stay tuned, fam, things are moving along.

Update: March 17, 2021.


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