All the profiles are complete. Almost immediately after I posted last week I sat down a blew out a ton of them, realizing that I need to get this project done. I’m ready to move on to other projects now.

What Remains

Let’s review what we’ve got remaining:

  • 5x Book Sections
    • Table of Contents (Book must be complete)
    • Forward (Book must be complete)
    • Smythe Forge – Story Bit
    • Inquisitorial Oversite – Story Bit
    • Historical Record/ Important Battles – Story Bit
  • 8x Rules Pages Remaining
    • Strategems – have to think of lamenters related stuff
    • Relics – have to think of lamenters related stuff
    • Special Issue Wargear – have to think of lamenters related stuff
    • Requisitions – have to think of lamenters related stuff
    • Honorifics – have to think of special lamenters only captain positions
    • Turn of Fate – Optional Rules System
    • Wargear/ Points – Need all rules to be finalized
    • Reference/ Glossary – Need all rules and pages to be finalized
  • Edit and Revise
    • Reformat ENTIRE Stat Profile section Codex

One thing that I’ve learned creating this book is that there are parts that depend on one another, especially within the rules sections. Until you have everything settled in the rules section, then you can build out the points/ war gear/ glossary sections. But you also need to think about the units and their special rules before you can build out certain parts in the rules section. Like I said, I learned a lot.

I’m going to continue brainstorming the rules stuff this week and work on those last few bits of the story. Meanwhile, I’ll be editing, revising, and reformatting the entire book. I’ve already started that process by reformatting the Stat/rules layouts, and I’m typesetting the entire book to get all the placements just right and uniform across every page.

Did you do anything else?

I moved into another office space this week and got that finished. The new room is about one third larger than my previous one, but its space I can’t really use. I do get a bigger desk. Hanging that forsaken 8ft long white board was awful.

I watched the four Evangelion Rebuild films on Amazon Prime with the fam. They were garbage.

I guess that about sums up my week so I’ll bid you adieu for now.


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