I’m sorry it took me a few extra days to post. This is NOT an omen of things to come. School started up this week, so I’ve been getting those plates spinning.

However, this is an omen of things to come, and I’ll be as concise as possible.


I spent this past week making many improvements to the website.

If you look around, you’ll notice a few of those changes. The site has been streamlined in a few places, and I finally got the e-mail list up and running. The About page has been revised, and the notes section has minor updates. I also removed the support menu item. Those completed tasks are a burden off my back. However, this continual improvement process has created more problems that will take some time.

For a recap:

I’m getting finished with the headers. This took some time, even though it shouldn’t have. It was mostly butt-dragging on my part, but there is also a time and opportunity factor.

I will rework the “notes” section of the website. Going into that section, you’ll see I have already started. I’ll be jiggering with the layout and probably the color scheme. The current guide I published will be revised and expanded. More on that below.

The website’s goal is to serve as a hub for my work. I aim to make work and have people “consume” that work. That’s the simple goal. To that end, I need to build myself up so that people will show up with a desire to look at that work and decide to consume said work if they fancy it. I hope the pressure is low and the work is the selling factor.

New Course

Do any of you remember the old Phase project system? I got up to Phase III of IV before restructuring it all. I’m rebooting the system informally. Here is the current agenda for Phase 1.

Phase 1:

Weekly Updates

The updates will remain virtually unchanged. They will be off the cuff like they are now. I will always keep you apprised of my progress, good or bad, and they are for those who care to keep up with anything I’m doing (Thanks, Mom).

The Retainer

Work will continue on the book. My goal is to complete the first draft of approximately 100,000 words by the end of October. I will update you as I can throughout that process (I did a lot of work on this today, so work is progressing).

Website Articles

I need to create immediate value to raise awareness and generate search traffic for the site. To that end, I’ll be producing informative articles for the site. For now, I’m referring to these as guides. They will focus on storytelling in all forms of media, with an emphasis on questions and craft. I will try to produce one of these a month.

YouTube Videos

I will produce videos about story-related topics for the same purpose as the articles. They will be more specific than the articles but might be made as companion pieces. I’m hoping the videos and the articles will bring people to the site, and I’m hoping my “vision” and work will make them want to stay and consume my work. The first video I wrote is getting a slight rework in the script to make it more relevant to my new goals. I’m hoping for July. I’m aiming for one video a month right now.

A Note on “Wokeism”

I want to address story topics on the merit of the work alone. I want to avoid becoming one of those channels that drown in wokeism arguments. That doesn’t mean people and stories aren’t above criticism, but I don’t want to be reactionary. That doesn’t mean I don’t think an ideology exists, but it is what it is. Wokeism is cringe, but I can’t change it. So, I just have to criticize its output. I hope to maintain that “value” going forward. Still, despite my best efforts, some of my hot takes will be interpreted as politically motivated rather than a criticism of the industry and the art first.

I hope that isn’t the case, but I’m going to tell you right now, being woke just usually means you are a piss poor writer that needs the protection of a multi-national corporation to have relevance in your job. Wokeism is the flavor of the month, and all tides turn. Those who protect the cringe lords now will stab their underlings in the back at the first sign of trouble or find themselves betrayed by their own bosses. It’s the nature of the job. All things pass; we just have to weather it. The more we confront the work as bad, the faster that cleansing tide will come.

Monthly Newsletter

I’ll publish a monthly newsletter to all who sign up to bring these things together. The newsletter will bring together my updates, of which there should be three to five depending on the month, my monthly article/ guide, and my monthly video. There will also be some other newsletters, which are bits of information that people might find fun or exciting, that I’ll include as a bonus. I’ll also use the newsletter to announce new projects. This is a typical blogging newsletter boilerplate, so I hope I can differentiate it enough or make it interesting enough to warrant the subscription.

It may also take me a month or two to spin up these plates, so please be patient with me. I do have a vision, and I hope you like it. Things can only get better from here. I guess, but then again, everything could go tits up too.

Newsletter Incentive

As part of the newsletter subscription, I’ll be offering access to my six speculative projects in their entirety as I work through them. Subscribing will get you access to screenplays, Bibles, pitch Bibles, art books, and the Lamenters codex, all for free.

Sign-Up Incentive

I’m currently revising these, as gaining subscribers will take time. I want to ensure my work is as polished as possible. Star Trek Gladiator has been revised and will be the first subscription project available. After that, Able Squad, including the second part of the pilot, which has been previously unreleased.

That makes finishing my speculative revision project somewhat of a priority, and it will be completed as such:

As a writer, releasing these works makes me nervous. I’ve already watched some of it stolen through various IPs when I published everything, and that is upsetting—another trait of this new breed of writers. But I just need to come to terms with the fact that none of this material will ever be produced. I love each and every one of these works. However, that’s just not how Hollywood works right now, and I have no chance of working in the studio system anymore.

I must get it out there rather than let all this great work languish on my hard drives. If it can be used to help me build my career as an independent artist, I’m willing to put it out there. I may find other venues for all this stuff, but my goal is to keep it all available to the audience in whatever form it takes. Nothing will be abandoned, and any further development of these projects will be included with the sign-up. I hope these can remain “living works.” [Think new episodes for series or augmentation of existing materials.]


School has also started again, and these are the final weeks before I can finally put college behind me. Forever. I have a lot of opinions on school, but I’ve shared a few before, and I won’t rehash them here. Writing my updates can take me time, but I will do everything possible to get them up weekly. I haven’t turned my back on any of this. The coming direction has only galvanized my desire to build my work further. Between the items listed above, school, and my personal day-to-day, I will be busy until the end of the year. I don’t expect to hit all my goals, but I have high hopes to achieve something valuable.


I don’t know what you believe, but I’m a Christian. I believe in God and Jesus Christ. That might be weird coming from a guy who loves science fiction, but my faith is the most important and significant part of my life. I try to do everything to the glory of God. Some of you may not know what that means, and many of you may not care. But essentially, I act as if God is my boss. So, as an independent creator, I try to work as if God owns my business. I should do well with that business to the best of my ability while exemplifying my faith. I will fail mission at that a lot, but every day is a fresh start to try again and do better. If you wonder why I do what I do, this is why.

Building myself up as an independent creator who can sustain himself through an audience’s goodwill is no easy task (dare I say it’s a miracle). I hope I can prove myself worthy of that goodwill not just from all of you but also from God.

I’ll see you all soon.

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