Where have you been?

I’m late, I know. But, I have not been procrastinating.

Awaken hasn’t been read yet. I know, I’ve been going on and on about that damn movie and I just can’t seem to get it read. Calm down, mom.

But, I have, for the last two weeks been working on…

The Lamenters Codex.

*fart sound*

Kill me.

It’s actually almost done.

No, really.

Thank God, too. I’m almost done with the real one, not the strippo one that almost made me take a nose dive out my second story window. The real, full blown AIDS version. 182 pages. As of right now, I have half of two sections to finish and all the copy will be done. I also made the poor decision to rebuild every damn datasheet profile from scratch, so that was “amazing.” After all that is complete, I have to collate the rules reference, build the index of weapon profiles and point totals, which is easier than it sounds.

Once that work is complete I’ll read through the codex, finalize the layout and hopefully be ready to publish the book next week sometime.


Seriously, this is home stretch territory and it feels really good.

Lamenters? Bored Now.

Ok, I get it. I’ve also been working on a lot of stuff for the future of this site, thing, whatever it is I’m doing here. I believe I’m going to take the plunge into YouTube after all.

I’ve got about ten video scripts I’m preparing. I’ve been working out my white boards in between breaks on the codex. All the ideas are there, I just need to write the scripts. Each video will be an essay of sorts addressing a specific topic in writing as related to film, television, comics, what have you. Storytelling criticism and observations in popular culture.

There will be a Patreon involved because I have to earn something doing this full time. No, I don’t expect people to latch on that quickly, or at all for that matter, but I’m trying to build up a habit of posting to it, so there will be an incentive for people to join if they feel compelled. I have a few videos planned for that, too.

Does this mean goodbye?

No, just we’ll meet in a new place. Because of Patreon and this Youtube channel, things around here will change substantially. This site will essentially just become a repository for my projects. I’ll be running this like a true, corporate shill website. My Youtube stuff will be under the Vagrant Writer name I use online. That will have a separate website dedicated to that project along with some other things.

These weekly updates will shift to Patreon since they will make 100% more sense there. My screenplays will probably go behind a paywall for patreon members too. At least my original works, I think. I’m still playing with that idea. I have livestreams planned too when the channel grows to a certain size.

When are leaving to get milk and cigarettes’?

Once the Lamenters Codex is done I’m going to start on these YouTube scripts. I’ve already started purchasing a few bits of equipment. I ordered more RAM for my machine, put together a few props, bought some lights, and purchased a greenscreen (for the crux of the gag). I have a mic and some boom arms. Then I have to build the set. Yes, there is a set because that’s what type of show I’m running here. Outside of total facial and bodily reconstructive surgery, I think I’m ready.

So, chin up, we’ll have plenty to do. You’ll be hearing for me more often, just in other venues.

Anything else you want to say for yourself?

I’ll have more details as things begin to change. I don’t expect to be posting my first video until Halloween. Maybe sooner? We’ll figure it out. I’m already thinking about specials for the holidays and I think a Halloween vibe video would be cool.

I’ll have a heavily regimented schedule if I go ahead with this. That is the biggest detriment, I suppose. Things aren’t so bad that every minute of every day is swallowed, but it’s a lot of daunting work. I think I just need to get over my stage fright as it were and get into the swing of things. I have to tell myself it doesn’t need to be perfect, but I’m just that kind of guy.

Oh God.

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