I’m about done with this thing. Both literally and metaphorically. Figuratively?

Codex: Lamenters

I have completed all the rules for the book. The Codex is hovering around 200 pages.




(The book’s text uses 9 point font and three column layout. The rules use 7 point font. Don’t think I’m tricking the system here)

I have a three page checklist of all the items contained within the Codex and I have remaining:

5 Sections left in “Legend (The Lore section of the book)”

33 Lamenters Unit Profiles. Thirty three sounds like a lot, but some are combined on the same page.

13 Auxilia Profiles.

I am ready to be done with this book.

The Scheme

Finish book. Profit.

I’m kidding.

The goal is to finish each of the remaining sections this week. Of course, I’ll post an update on that a week from today exploring my results. I’m really hoping if I can buckle down, if I can pull the remaining sections out, I’ll finally “be done.” Providing the results of those efforts are positive, I’m going to take the next week after to edit and revise. I’ll probably just publish the book to the portfolio once that process is complete.

I thought about posting it on fan sites for neckbeards to consume, abuse and criticize, but that’s not really the goal of the book. I’m primarily wanting to use it as a resume driver to demonstrate my versatility and also prove to myself I could write something of this nature. This project was probably better suited for Phase Three or Four based on what the goals of the Codex has morphed into. Once it’s complete I’ll probably try and paint a few minis over the remainder of the year and update the book with photos of those models to help round it out. Perhaps I’ll use the Codex to play some games against my son and just have a good time?

See you in seven days, fam.

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