This Must End

Table of Contents

Have I mentioned I’m really anxious to be done with this? I no longer wish to be writing a Warhammer codex.

Despite that, this week has been really productive. I don’t know if it’s as productive as I would have hoped or if it’s because I was too ambitious.

Behold, the checklist of things that remain:

  • 5x Book Sections
    • Table of Contents (Book must be complete) < 50% as sections get completed
    • Forward (Book must be complete) < wrote some, but hate it
    • Smythe Forge – Story Bit < Complete
    • Inquisitorial Oversite – Story Bit < Complete
    • Historical Record/ Important Battles – Story Bit < Complete
  • 8x Rules Pages Remaining
    • Strategems – have to think of lamenters related stuff
    • Relics – have to think of lamenters related stuff
    • Special Issue Wargear – have to think of lamenters related stuff
    • Requisitions – have to think of lamenters related stuff
    • Honorifics – have to think of special lamenters only captain positions
    • Turn of Fate – Optional Rules System
    • Wargear/ Points – Need all rules to be finalized
    • Reference/ Glossary – Need all rules and pages to be finalized
  • Edit and Revise
    • Reformat ENTIRE Stat Profile section Codex < In progress
      • Story Section < Layout Revision Complete
      • Unit Profiles < Layout Revision Complete
      • Datasheets < 1/3rd Layout Revision Complete – In Progress – ETA 8/30-31
      • Rules

Alright, so there you go. That’s where we are at.

Historical Record

This section took for-ever. I wrote seven and a half pages of significant events and battles that the Lamenters partook in. That took a really long time to create interesting and narratively relevant events.

Datasheets A-Go-Go

Rebuilding the datasheets has been a pain. I reset the margins for the entire book and had to realign every element, but it looks more pleasing to the eye now. Well worth the effort, but, that screwed up my datasheets. The datasheets are immense tables that hold all the stats and special rues for that particular character or unit. There are 60 pages of them. I’m trying to cut that down, but I don’t know if I can. There are way more sheets than I wanted to have. Each and every “value” from the tables needs to be cut and pasted into the new table layout. I’m knee deep in that mess right now.

Rather than prolong this, I’m going to get back to work.

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