Time is a Flat Circle

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This was a weird week.

Oh no, here it comes.

No, I didn’t get stuff done with the novel.


I was finishing these college classes and spent the week doing math, which took almost all week. I had two exams: my third exam and my final exam. Unfortunately, I bombed my third exam with a 76, but I passed my final exam with an A. I have an A in the class, so all is well that ends well. Finally, no more math haunting me through my academic transience.

I also had to finish two assignments for my writing class, which included reading A Severe Mercy and writing an essay about it. The book was excellent, and I enjoyed it. The essay only took an afternoon to write; it was nothing major. I focused on the spiritual concepts that were critical to the book and discussed those. I don’t know if they wanted that, but it’s what they got. I’ll let you know how it goes.

However, the final writing assignment was a short memoir of three thousand words. The subject matter was highly personal and stirred many feelings, making it challenging to complete. I finished that this afternoon, and now I’m writing this. So, officially, I’m done with these two classes.

Then I start a new set of classes on June 24th.

Ugh. This novel is not going to get done, is it?

Try not to be lazy.

Quiet you.

In other news, I’ve been watching developments in AI technology and formulated a new project in my head. I was incredibly excited about it. The project would utilize one of my speculative screenplays and bring them to life, but after I researched my intentions, the promise of it slowly fell apart. I don’t want to spend weeks developing work I can’t do anything with. The idea is still incredible, but it’s not worth investing time and resources. I would have to subscribe to a dozen AI suites to get the project running. The project would only amount to a portfolio showpiece. In the end, I don’t know if it would make me a better writer. Would it help me get a job? I don’t know. A lot of management is involved, and a “final product” would be good to show off. But most people don’t care to sit and endure projects or read anymore, so probably not.

Does this mean you’re going to work on the novel?

I’ve been slowly working towards waking up early every morning before six, so I can do this work. I’m trying to balance what is most important in the morning. If I work out first and then write or vice versa, whatever comes second isn’t going to get done. I’m deciding if I want to be yoked or a writer.

I’ll work out first. It’s the right call. I’m going back to lifting three days a week and getting my running back up to 5K on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I hope the endorphins will carry me through the writing after a shower. I’m going to experiment with that this week. Then it will be four classes again.

Now what?

On Monday, after working out, I’m going to record my first YouTube video. My Monday schedule includes writing in the morning and filming during the rest of the day. If all goes well, this will become the norm. I discussed this last week. It’s not going to be anything earth-shattering, but I need to get into the habit of making videos if I’m going to build that up.

Wishing and doing are different perspectives, and I’m tired of wishing. I just have to find time and balance as I finish school.

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