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So, it’s been about a month. What have I gotten done?


Mostly nothing.


Actually, I shouldn’t say that. The writing front has been dim because I’ve been working on creating covers and spines for my son’s Pokemon collection. They are elaborate. I finished up the spines and I’m working my way through the front and back covers now. This project has consumed my life, trying to get these done. All 90+ sets done.


My son and I have collected Pokemon since he was a young boy. I enjoy opening the packs with him and sorting out the cards for our binders to complete our sets. I made some binders for him when he was a kid, putting an entire generation’s set like Platinum all in one big binder. We’ve since given each set its own binder, so now they all need their own art.


Each binder up into late Black and White has art themed around the booster boxes, but later the art changes to the elite trainer box art. I had to re-construct all the art/patterns by hand in Photoshop and illustrator. That’s been the time consuming part.




I did make some critical decisions in regards to writing, too.


Able Squad


I finally decided to make Part One of Able Squad the actual “pilot” and divide part two into almost three episodes. I’ll be giving Part One another refresh with this in mind to broaden some character stuff, to make their motivations more apparent and then I’ll post it up.


I guess I have to get that bible done too. With the details I hashed out from the Pilot refresh that should go much faster.


I hope.


Lamenters Codex


No one cares, but I’ve decided to pull the plug on this project for the time being. There are a lot of projects I want to get to, more original projects, and this feels like an albatross around my neck right now. I’m so close to being done, but the entire book is going to need extensive rewrites and editing when I’m done, book processes I just haven’t been in the mood to deal with.


I really want to get some art into this thing as well and I just don’t have the time to do it myself or pay someone of a respectable caliber to do it right now. The book will also require miniatures to be painted and although I have several I’m not looking forward to building up the support units right now, it’s costly and time consuming and would be another six month project by itself.


So… this goes away for now as a targeted project. I’ll work on it here and there to get the text done. Maybe I’ll just release the book in a stripped down version or something next year?


I might do away with the book and just publish it on a website, as my original plan was, and just do updates over a long period of time. But, having a codex in my hands would be really, really cool.




I’m bringing this one to the front since the Lamenters thing has been shelved. I’ve already planned this entire project out and I’m going to be using a large portion of what’s in the pilot already, just expanding everything out around a new, focused plotline.


This should go quickly.








That’s the update. I want all this to be a Christmas gift to myself, so I plan on finishing both Able Squad and Housebands by then. Hopefully, when I update again I’ll have some better news.


Bye, Mom.


demented pikachu


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  2. […] Every single reason I didn’t want to work on this project has come to fruition. I’m more than 50% done at this point, but man this is a slog. Layout has been a pain in the rear. I’m creating original graphics now too. As I stated last week, I’m just trying to just get the book done. That means “cutting corners” on the artwork and using a lot of clip art and internet images. I’m doing my best to make everything look as clean and organized as I can. I still have a standard. I’m trying to tread a line between baby’s first Warhammer 40,000 Codex and something that looks official. I don’t have the resources for that right now. So, my only goal is make sure the writing quality of the book is up to par. I hope people can overlook the rest. […]

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