My nemesis, the weekly update, has come again.

“What have I been up to” you say?

I’ve done ok this week. Awaken progress has slowed down a bit, but I’m over one hundred pages. I’ve got all the scenes laid out and I just need to go through and add dialog to complete the vomit draft. I’m so close, but my brain is freaking out. You don’t realize how close you are to a thing until you start setting it up to go into the world. You get scared and hesitant and wonder if it can just live inside your brain for the remainder of your life as the perfect thing you believe it to be. I can’t do that though, I need to get this done and put it out into the ether. I’ve explained all this already in past articles.

Results from my productivity can vary day to day, but an average day goes something like this:

I wake up and check the news and mentally prepare myself for Armageddon. After that I work out for about an hour. I drink my chocky milk and read a book in the Bible (I’m one of those guys). After that I shower. While I’m washing my nether bits I think a lot about writing. What I want to do, how much I want to get going on it. I rush through the shower so I can get to work. When I finally sit down I become paralyzed. My brain shuts down and doesn’t want to work. I end up playing Stellaris. Then I get frustrated because I haven’t mastered the game yet like all the Youtubers and stop. I pace around the house in frustration, eat nuts, look at all the garbage I’ve collected and tell myself again for the one thousandth time I should finally sit down and play Chrono Trigger. I’ll notice its getting alte and start making dinner. The wife comes home, we eat dinner, watch some YouTube and she gets ready for bed. I stay up and then suddenly my brain finally quits its silly resistance and I end up doing a round of revisions and write out another new scene. Rinse and repeat the next day.

I can be like that a lot, more productive during the evening hours, but it’s been really bad while writing this. I have less than fifteen scenes to write now. I’m working through it and I’m still on track to finish by the end of March. That’s my goal. Ready to publish by April first. We’ll see how that goes.

Another update on Kenobi

Surprisingly during my downtime and constant psychological assault by this story I ended up going back over my outline over two days and further refining the story into something I think is really special. I have it about ninety percent there now. There really aren’t anymore questions about what I want to do or where I want to go. My son, a star wars crazy, told me he likes the treatment I prepared for my own reference, then launched into a tirade about how terribly broken Star Wars is now. Which I fully agree. The Kenobi story doesn’t need told. Honestly, you could take the scene from Rebels between Kenobi and Maul, then at the end of the scene just roll credits. That’s everything a Kenobi movie can say. Ever. There doesn’t need to be anymore said, it’s perfect as it is. But in our country animation is still a children’s medium so no normies will ever sit down and watch it.

Needless to reemphasis, but I will for your benefit, I’m ready to write this script as soon as Awaken is done and I’m anticipating it will go fast. I think I’ll be writing in April and it will be over by May.

Mutant Chronicles

This is the next script after Kenobi. This is a television series, so we’ll have a pilot script, a writer’s bible, and a pitch bible to cook up. The script was already started, but I’ll have to go back to square one on the story and firm it all up from the ground. I’m going to keep the basic premise, however, because I think it is really strong and the future unfolding of this entire universe is well set-up. I printed out all the documents I had for the series and I’ll be going through those during my Kenobi downtime. I’m anticipating two months for the entire project as most of the background and characters are already there. Again, I just have to shore up the foundations. Look for results on this project in July. This pilot has been a long time coming too. I’ve been on and off with this story for years, since before the silly film came out, so it will be liberating to finally complete it.

One Night with Michelle

Yeah. This movie has been on my mind too. I dread this film. I’ve got a basic plot for this, but I’ll have to go through and build it up a lot more than I have. I have a really good opening scene I’m going to keep, but I have no clue where I want this film to go, or what I want it to say. I see it on my white board, starring at me and I’m just a blank. Sometimes you stare into the abyss and sometimes the abyss stares back. This. This is probably two months minimum. September? Sigh.

That kills me. I want to get these scripts done because I have other works I want to move onto, other things I want to do, but I can’t allow myself to let this slide. I don’t want it to become a prison though.

[ Just a quick update at Monday 2:00AM. I wrote 16 pages this evening. 11 more scenes and the finale left to go. ]

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