As I promised here is a little update on what the future holds for this web zone.

So, take a look around? Do you like the renovation? It’s not a web 2.0 or anything, but I think it looks cool.

There are a few things underneath the hood that should improve site performance too. Is anyone aroused yet?

Front Page

The highlighted projects on the slider at the top will always notify you of whatever the latest project is. This will deliver a bit of impact and get you right to the point of why you’re here quickly.

I added kind of a mission statement and some “values” to the front page that kind of highlight what this is all about and creates some guidelines to stick to when I’m moving forward.

The Support section at the bottom will change over time, but it will show ways people can get involved. I’m trying to get an e-mail list off the ground that I’m going to be combining with the new social media accounts I’ve set up. I can be a bit of a boomer when it comes to this type of weasel internet marketing hype. I’m not big on it, nor really into it, so it will take me a little while to figure it all out. I’m leaning towards setting up a facebook page too. I hear that is where all the new boomers hang out and they are probably more apt to read a screenplay than the zoomers on OnlyFans and TikTok.

The goal, eventually, would be to drum up support for upcoming projects that I want to try and create myself. That’s far away land for right now, though.


The slate has changed quite a bit, no longer separated by phases, but by the type of project. I still kept the phases labeled in there, but they are less prominent and mostly for archival purposes for my own memories. There are also some more subtle status indicators on upcoming projects to let you know when they might be coming down the pike… pipe (?).

The page will emphasis completed projects now and be less about giving my anxiety about unfinished works.


The individual project sites stayed largely the same as I was really happy with them. I did open up the graphics in each section, giving each a bit of room to breath. Each screenplay is actively being updated and watermarked. This probably isn’t necessary, but I wanted to be more active in spreading around my work for exposure, so I thought it prudent to get it marked. I tried to make them as unobtrusive as I could, but , it’s there. Sorry. Not sorry, I guess.

  • Able Squad – Got minor changes to the screenplay, and part two of the pilot that I set aside originally is going to get finished and added to complete the set. The images in the portfolio page will be updated as i don’t like the grid look the way it is right now. There isn’t enough separation, making everything look off.
  • Star Trek Gladiator – Again, some minor changes to the screenplay. I’ve been tossing around the idea of fully fleshing out season one, but I don’t know when that will happen.
  • Kenobi – Kenobi is currently undergoing a larger revision. There are a few additional scene changes and a revision to the ending happening. THis will be out by next week if all goes to plan, but the site is already set up as if it is complete.
  • Mutant Chronicles – piss off. Ha, no really. Ok, i am planning to finish this, but i’m not sure when. It is currently on the back burner in the priority chain. If it isn’t the next screenplay, it will likely come after One Night with Michelle.
  • The Last Day – Unchanged
  • Housebands – Unchanged, but I did re-read it and I would really love to make this series for YouTube on a budget. This would be a great series. This would be a future goal when the site is generating some traffic and interest. So, never.
  • Awaken – once lost in limbo because a friend is dealing with their own life, i consider this line from lord of the rings: “A Day May Come When The Courage Of Men Fails, When We Forsake Our Friends And Break All Bonds Of Fellowship. But It Is Not This Day!” My courage has failed. I’ve decided to stop waiting around. As much as I would love this person’s input, I just don’t think it’s coming. I’m going to re-read the film, now with a clear head and some time behind me, and see what shakes loose. I’ll finally select one of the four endings and commit to it, ending this madness. Look for this within the next month or so. It’s on my white board, so the priority is high.
  • One Night with Michelle – This is going to be the next screenplay. Although the concept is done and there are about twenty pages or so written already, i need to hash out the story a bit. So, this is the next major project. Probably two to three months of work here.
  • Codex: Lamenters – originally, this broke me. I was gutted by the silliness of GW’s decisions in the fan realm. I’m done with that and I’m laying out a full codex. I’m going to throw caution to the wind and just see what comes. At least i can rest easy knowing it was done up to my standards.

Future Projects

Everything else will come once these tasks are done.

There are two new projects in the hopper that I’m toying with:

  • Video game – as of right now this is just an idea, but it is a 16-bit super nintendo style game. I’ve begun studying pizel art creation. I’m leaning heavily into RPG maker as the platform, but this is all speculative right now. This is a lot of work and is a long term project that I’m only beginning to explore. Why a video game? You might be asking. It’s an interactive story based medium that can be done on my own, with time, and allows me to get you something of mine in a product with mass appeal. At least, that’s my thought. For now though, it’s still a dream.
  • Comic Book/ Graphic Novel – I have one existing project I’m thinking about converting a graphic novel format. But, in the pursuit of that idea I’ve also been eyeing the creation of a super hero book. I have a few ideas, but nothing concrete. I don’t want to go too hammy, but i don’t want to go sicko mode like the boys or invincible. Something grounded but with some wonder too it. Like if batman and superman comics had a baby.
  • Other listed projects – These will all come in due time, as promised to you and myself. I will finish these as long as the Lord allows me time on this earth.
  • Youtube channel – I’m considering spooling up a YouTube channel that deals with writing in current films and how to fix them. I see this as a way to get these ideas of my chest and get exposure for my work to a wider audience of people. This is something I’m working on actively. If I create one, I’ll probably create it under my vagrant writer name and use this site as the “corporate end” of my vast multi-media… empire.


Our favorite hang out spot has been improved just slightly with a layout matching the rest of the site, but it’s the same old place I whine about doing all this. For the foreseeable future, this stays the same and I’ll do my best to keep up with the weekly updates as they were before. I’ve always seen this as a way to measure my progress, even going so far as to call Sundays (when i would traditionally post), “accountability day.” Much to the confusion of my wife.

That should be everything I’ve got floating around in my relatively empty brainpan. I don’t know if anyone is reading any of this. But, I hope you enjoyed it and found it somewhat informative.

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