The day after I posted last week, I ended up figuring out my current story problem for Mutant Chronicles. I was working out that following day and, as usual, it came to me. These little weekly updates help me sort out what my issues are and give me a chance to reflect. I think that gives my brain the ability to start working on my problems in the background. I get a chance to sleep and BAM, problems begin getting solved.

All of this would be great news, however all work on Mutant Chronicles has ground to a halt as I now hammer out Codex Lamenters.

Codex Lamenters

Every single reason I didn’t want to work on this project has come to fruition. I’m more than 50% done at this point, but man this is a slog. Layout has been a pain in the rear. I’m creating original graphics now too. As I stated last week, I’m just trying to just get the book done. That means “cutting corners” on the artwork and using a lot of clip art and internet images. I’m doing my best to make everything look as clean and organized as I can. I still have a standard. I’m trying to tread a line between baby’s first Warhammer 40,000 Codex and something that looks official. I don’t have the resources for that right now. So, my only goal is make sure the writing quality of the book is up to par. I hope people can overlook the rest.

I also mentioned last week (I’m not linking it again), that I’m planning on a series of updates to the book in the future. This will include a miniatures gallery, commissioned original art pieces, fan submitted art pieces, and rules updates. If all goes to plan over the course of several months, perhaps years, I will gradually bring the codex up to a high standard and in line with my original, intended vision. My hope is that, in time, Codex Lamenters will rhyme like poetry when I’m finished.

Fun Facts

Just for reference the tome is 146 pages thus far with no miniatures gallery. The 8th edition Blood Angels Codex I’ve been using as a template (I have the 9th now for rules updates) is 144 pages including the miniatures gallery. Every single passage in this book is my own. From the original stories, to the reinterpretation of already written events, to the mundane profile for the Rhino. I wrote all of it.

I’m trying to figure out how to disseminate it into the community for review and revision before I do a “publish ready” version 1.0.

As usual, stay tuned for more developments.

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