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Kenobi: A Star Wars Story Release Date

Here we are. I finished the screenplay. I’m waiting for the final report from my “top men.” I’m expecting that delivered tonight. After I make any revisions suggested by the Top Men, I’m going to add in a few notes I made during the process of writing the “Art of” book. Just a few lines of dialog for Beru, really. After, I’ll give the screenplay one final read through.

I will published the script and book on Tuesday 1 June 2021. That’s the release date.

The Art Book

Now, let’s talk about that Art Book for a moment.

I planned the art book to be about 25 pages. A nice little booklet for me to expound on some of my thoughts and feelings on developing the film. My goal was to show off art from the Star Wars community, art made by fans, not official star wars artwork, that could illustrate my vision and celebrate Star Wars artists. I’ve managed about 50% of that. Which really sucks. As a result, the book includes a lot of sources pulled from all over Star Wars, both official and unofficial. Despite not being able to meet my original goal, the book looks really good.

Like always, it went off the rails and currently clocks in around at fifty-eight pages. Yes, 58 pages. Most of the book is art with short paragraphs divulging little snippets of information about the screenplay. There are a few images I composited together, some rudimentary photoshop work, really, but I’m proud of them.

Artist Credit

I wanted to say one thing on this. In the process of writing this book, I’ve delved into all the deep, dark places of the internet, including Tumblr. Tumblr artists are a paranoid group of people. Even with guarantee of full credit they are deathly afraid of their work getting stolen. I don’t know if they’ve experienced theft in their careers, but you would think they’ve lost millions of dollars with how they act. By contrast, professional artists almost always ask if I’m making money off the work. If not, they then ask for full credit and the process is over. I’m an artist, so I understand the paranoia, but it usually comes with inexperience and goes away with age.

I also want to clarify, just for the record, that every piece of art in the book is individually credited with the artists name, or the projects title and owner, plus there is a full artist index at the end that gives the artist’s name, the pages their art appears, and a link to their website or portfolio. Attempting to keep everyone’s mind at ease about this, I wrote a disclaimer at the beginning of the book that explains I don’t own the copyright to any of the visual artwork. The book is free for people to enjoy and assembled so people who aren’t familiar with every aspect of what I’m writing about could see what I see. If the film were made, it wouldn’t matter. We would have all that visual information.

See you all on June 1.

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